2014-2015 Best Practices

Kelly Gardner

April Best Practices ~ News Items

March Best Practices ~ Discussions

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Discussion Grading

I have also created images that I use for my discussions. These indicate the level of completeness to students. I try to insert the red and yellow stamps into feedback before the due date, so that students have time to respond. If I do not, these stamps are used to grade the posts as well. This way, student know exactly why they lost points. I also have some standard feedback to go along with these stamps for things like: grammar errors, spelling, content, etc.

February Best Practice ~ News Items

January Best Practice ~ Accommodations

November Best Practice ~ Quiz Feedback

I tried my best this semester to leave feedback for quizzes both in the attempt view and in the completion summary view. This allowed students to see the feedback when they looked at missed questions, as well as in the gradebook. Putting the feedback in both places took an extra step, but I believe it helped students pay attention to quiz scores more.

October Best Practice ~ Adobe Sessions

Making Learning Fun & Engaging

I am normally one who loads a PowerPoint and teaches a lesson in my Adobe sessions. After talking to some teachers about "Gamification" in the online classroom, I decided to try to make my Adobe room a little more fun. It has been a wonderful experience. Through games, videos, and interactive activities, students have repeated attendance and improved attention. I find it is a great way to present information to students!

September Best Practice ~ Support

Reaching Out

I've been trying to make a focused effort to help struggling students. Because I think Smore is such an easy program to use and use to distribute information, I have created some helpful resources for my students. I also created a few other resources. Below are some examples:

Did I Submit That Smore

Tips for Success Smore

MLA & Research Help Website

Course Specific - Unit Overview Videos

August Best Practice ~ Homepages