Energy and Resources

Renewable Resources, Non-Renewable and Energy

Renewable V.S. Non-Renewable!

The difference between Renewable and Non-Renewable is the way they affect the environment. Another difference is the way they are used. Renewable Enegy, like the name explains, is energy that can be used over and over again. Basically an Unlimited Supply! Non-Renewable however, can't be used over and over, which limits the use of it. It either can't be used again or it takes years to renew!

Renewable:-Solar -Biomass -Hydropower -Geothermal -Wind

Non-Renewable:-Natural Gas -Nuclear -Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel!

A fossil fuel is a fuel (Examples are Coal, Oil and Natural Gas) that is formed in the earth from dead plants and animals. The process starts with an animal or plant dying. After years and years, layers of sand, dirt and gravel start to pile up and pressure the fossil. Heat and pressure change the fossil into a fuel and, a fossil Fuel is created!


Inexhaustible energy, is energy that can't run out. Examples are Solar Energy because, the Sun will stay in its place. Wind Power is inexhaustible because wind doesn't run out. There are many more examples. The main definition of Inexhaustible is,

unable to be used up because existing in abundance, or in my words; Can't be used up because of how largely it can be found.


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