By: Sam G.


Without a good offense, your team won't be able to score. There are many different types of offenses that different teams use, and I will tell you about a couple of them. For example, the Wisconsin Badgers run the swing offense. The swing offense encourages lots of passing around the three point line and scoring in the post. To start the offense, there are four players around the three point line and one player down in the post. The players then pass the ball around the perimeter and set screens for one another to try and get an easy basket. Another popular offense is "five out". This is where all of the players start around the three point line and then can cut through the lane whenever they want to try and get open.


Even if you have the greatest offense, you have to be able to play defense to win a game. There are two types of defenses, man to man, and zone defense. Man to man defense is the most popular and plays exactly as it sounds, everyone finds a player to guard and sticks with them. Zone defense is where every player on defense has a specific spot on the court to guard. For example, the center might be in charge of the hoop, while the faster players stay at the top of the key. Zone defense is usually used to prevent players from driving straight to the hoop but, this sometimes opens up lots of great shooting opportunities.


Even though coaches don't play in the game, they are still a very important part of the team. The coach always has to know what is happening during the game and the pressure is on him or her if their team isn't playing well. Coaches also have to draw up plays and sub in players during the game to put their team in a position to win. Even with all of the pressure, I think that I might want to become a coach one day, and teach kids what I have learned from my experience.