Turning points Final Exam

storm hicks


Jamestown was the first settlement for England in the new world.

They had a very rough time with the cold and limited food and water

England sent a bunch of people to the new land but only a few survived out of all the people they sent

They basically started slavery because of the indented survents they brought that had to work for 7 years then he become a free man

They were gonna die out if it wasn't for John Rofle who brought tobacco to them and that cause them to boom with money because England loved it

John Rolfe

John came to this land and saved the whole thing, He brought the tobacco seed which he planted and it grew. The English people loved it, it was a huge sealer back in England so the people of Jamestown became ever rich off the brown gold

John Smith

John smith was one of the first people to set foot on the new land so from the start he had his hands in the making of Jamestown. He got captured by the Indians and was taken back to there village were he was gonna be killed but Pocahontas jumped on him and saved him then thfey had peace and the Indians help the Jamestown people


September 11, 2001 4 planes were hijacked.

The hijacked planes wee on a mission to hurt Americans, 2 planes flew to New York city ans struck the world trade center killing a bunch of people on the plane and in the building

The 3rd plane struck the pentagon right after the first 2 planes struck the world trade center

The 4th and final planes was headed to Washington D.C to Stick the white house, but the people aboard the plane fought with the hijackers and took back over the plane and crashed it in a field

Mohamed Atta

Mohamed Atta was the ring leader of the planes being hijacked, He gave the word of when it was time to take over the planes and he did a good job of that. He took fight school and learned how to take off and fly the planes but he never learned how to land it shocking, Mohamed took orders from a man hire up though in the planing of the 9/11 attacks Osman bin laden

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden was the master mind behind the 9/11 attacks, He and Mohamed Atta planed the attacks in 1999 and then they planed and trained and tool flight school and then when it was time osama sent Mohamed and the other to american and got them on planes and that was it they took it from there

Mexican American War

The Mexican american war was between the Mexican and Americans

The Mexicans shot at the american across the river

The Mexicans believed the boarder was on are soil and we thought the boarder was on the other side of the river so that were the conflict come into play

This was basically a war on were the boarder was and who was gonna take Texas

Santa Anna

Santa Anna was the best general that the Mexicans had he had said he was coming to mexico to from a peace territory with the united sates so we let him though the block aid and then when he reached Mexican soil he did't do any of what he said, he went to war with the U.S

James K Polk

James Polk was the president of the untied states when the war started, He kinda started it when he kelp on pushing mexico in to selling us California and Texas but they would and he kelp on push and with the board depute going on we just tried to go in and take California and Texas and in which we did


i say 9/11 has to be the most important truing point because this was the first time we had been attacked and we had to turn around and fight them back for attacking us and it changed the world because we are more couscous now that this has happen