Conflicts in Schools Today

By: Kullen, Lane, Levi, and Kody

Drugs, A Conflict in Schools

In today's time, drugs are a huge problem with teens in school. It is so easy to get your hands on drugs today and many students are taking advantage of that. In one survey, 17 percent of high school students have admitted to using drugs in high school and the numbers are only going up. The most common drugs students use today are marijuana/hashish, adderall, and synthetic marijuana, Students use drugs for many different reasons, including boredom, self-experimentation, to relieve them-selves of pain or stress, and the big one, peer pressure. The problem with drugs is that there really is no way to prevent students from using them. Drugs are everywhere and is one of the biggest problems with schools today.


I was lucky enough to sit down and ask a few questions to an important figure here at Brenham High School, Mr. Skrla, about a very big problem in schools today, drugs. Here are some of the remarks that i got from him.
The first question i asked him was, "how has drugs impacted out school?" He answered with, "drugs aren't only a problem in our school, they are a problem in our society. But with drugs coming in and out of our school, we have started bringing in drug dogs to try and catch some of the students that decide to bring drugs in our learning environment."
The next question i asked him was, "how has drugs enforced security in our school?"
He responded, "drugs have caused us to bring in the drug dog, like the previous question, and has caused us to place a police officer on campus to keep an eye on the students here."
After that, i asked him, "What kind of drugs have passed through our school?" He said, "We have had a few different types of drugs come through here and there but the main one that we see here is marijuana."
Then I asked him, "Will the school ever drug test the students without them ever being in athletics or band?" His response was, "Not at the moment. If drugs continue to be a problem then maybe in the future drug testing all students might be a possibility."
My next question for him was, "What is the penalty for being caught with drugs?" He explained to me that if you get caught with drugs, you mainly get DAP charges.
I then asked him, "How has drugs influenced gang violence in our school?' He told me that we are one of the lucky schools that don't really have any gang violence within our district. Other schools around us have a lot more problems than what we do.
I also asked him, "How has the outbreak of drugs affected the students here at our school?" He replied, "It has really affected our students. The one's that are affected are the one's that are using the drugs. If we catch students with drugs, the face some serious consequences."
My last question i had for him was, "How are we planning to address the situation in the future?" He said, " We are just going to try to make kids aware of drugs and what they do for you in the long run. The only thing we can really do is talk to the students and try to keep them away from drugs."