Sparta Defeats

Why Sparta is the best city-state

Spartan Military

Spartans are not well known for their architecture and intellectual achievements. The Spartan military is the biggest success in Sparta. Sparta’s military system is one of the most strict and effective military forces. Sparta has defeated many other cities with this army. The biggest military success from the Spartans was the victory against Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

Another war the Spartan military is well known for is fighting against the Persians. Standing by Thermopylae, against the Persian army of Xerxes. The Spartan military has led Sparta to be the most dominant Greek city-state. This army goes down as most likely the most powerful army in history.

Peloponnesian War

The most known war the Spartans ever fought was the Peloponnesian War. The Peloponnesian war took place between Sparta and Athens. Athens held the majority of Greece’s power for years on. Sparta felt that Athens did not deserve to be the capitol and took them to war for it. Sparta was very aggressive in this war.

The war ended in Athens surrendering to Sparta, rewarding Sparta with the capitol being moved there. Sparta became one of them most powerful armies in the world. Athens lost much of it’s power after this war. Sparta has gained much respect now after defeating many powerful armies.

Sparta gained most of Greece’s power after the Peloponnesian war. It became the most powerful city-state in Greece at the time. Once the capitol was moved to Sparta, Athens lost a lot of power and respect. Sparta also has defeated the Persian army and many other. Sparta was an undefeated army for many years.

Sparta was the most independent Greek city-state. Unlike most states like Athens, which was a walled in city, Sparta was more free flowing and unconstrained state. This was mostly because Sparta owned the respect of many other civilizations, meaning that no army would dare to attack Sparta. Also, Sparta had many geographical contributions that would naturally protect them from invaders. Sparta did not have to worry about invaders.

Sparta vs. Athens

One of the most famous structures of Sparta, still to this day, is the ancient theater. The theater at the time was one of the largest in ancient Greece. Very little still remains of ancient Sparta, which causes our knowledge of their housing, architecture, and buildings are limited. We are sure that the overall look of Spartan architecture is similar to basic Greek structures.

Sparta’s religion was basic Greek mythology. The culture of Sparta was based mainly on their military. Sparta was only true military state in ancient Greece. It was the military regimented mentality that allowed the Spartan population to become rulers of ancient Greece. The Spartan society was based on the constitution and was ruled by a mixed state of government which worked using a complicated system.