Help Wanted

Tailor's Apprentice

About The Job

Being a tailor is very hard. You need to be able to sew which is very difficult. Also you have to weave. You have to be an experienced weaver to be a successful tailor. Another job is measuring. If you give someone clothes that are to big or to small then they will probably get very upset. They might spread the news and you can lose business. Being a tailor is very important! You cannot walk around without clothes! People need you! This job is for making clothes. I am looking for someone who is willing to do that and not complain no matter how hard it is. You have to make all the clothes by hand. You have to make all the clothes for your family. You also have to know have to make all sorts of clothes such as fancy and normal not so fancy clothes.

Skills Required Of Applicants

  • Steady Hand
  • Quick hand
  • Good with sharp tools
  • Draw
  • Pattern clothing
  • Cut fabric
  • Measurement skills

If Interested Please Apply To,

If you are interested in being a tailor please apply to Tailor Swift 22, T. Swift Ave, Boston, Mass. That HUGE mansion on the right.

by Sean Blomquist