Designer Animal

By: Mursal Naimi and Andrew Moore

Hammertail Lizard

Malleus lacertus
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Food Chain

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What is the Hammer Tail Lizard?

The Hammer Tail is a very unique lizard species. It is about 60 centimeters long, and about 20 centimeters wide. The Lizard eats plants, insects, and rats. To catch food, it uses its tail which is a hammer like structure to dig out and kill prey. Besides using its tail, it can use its sharp claws to dig underground. To keep cool, it buries itself in the sand, and to keep warm, it "sun tans" and stays away from the shade. Hammer Tail Lizards take shelter under trees and little caves made by the sand. To defend itself from attackers, it uses its camouflage technique so it can blend in with the environment. Its tail also helps it hit and attack predators. Finally, to protect its young, it buries them in the sand as quickly as possible, and in the time of doing so to buy time, it surrounds itself with poison acid shooting out from its mouth to scare the predators away. The acid is harmful to any other species besides the hammer tail because its scaly skin prevents the acid from harming it in anyway.