My planet

New Planet That Supports Life!!!!!!!!!!!

My planet

My planet is habitable to humans. It has a Red giant star, but it is far away enough to be a good temperature.

The star type...

The star type for my habitable planet is the red giant.
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The new planet's orbit....

The orbit

The orbit is 6.5 AU.

Planet Mass

The planet Mass is 13.
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Moons & Tides & Gravity

My planet has 2 moons. This also has a strong effect on tides, because 2 moons is twice the gravitational pull. There will be more gravity because bigger mass.


Seasons are caused because of the tilt, and its axis. When the tilt is facing the sun it is summer, and when it is tilting away it is winter.

The New Planet That Is Habitable

I hope you consider the new habitable planet. It has every thing you need to survive.