Children of the Night Nightly News

Dominique Brewer & Laura Castro 3rd & 6th pd

Do's and Don't's: A New Vampire's Guide to Being Undead. by Dominique Brewer

So, You've been bit by a vampire and have finally crossed over to the side cursed to be a creature of the night... CONGRATS!!! Now You'll probably have to adjust your new life, so here are some tips and tricks to make the most of it:


- Fill up at Night. A daytime snack can be tempting but stick to a normal feeding schedule.

- Eat fresh. Babies and young children will help you remain youthful and glowing.

- Practice your shape shifting. It will come in handy when grabbing a bite to eat.


- Eat garlic. Not only will it make your breath smell bad, but it’s also pretty deadly.

- Go to churches. Sacred wafers can give you a nasty burn.

- Go in daylight. You won’t be as strong. Also most people think you’re dead, don't ruin your cover.

The Power of Seduction. by Laura Castro

People have been becoming more aware of our presence as of late. Our powers of seduction must intensify if we wish to lure any flesh at all nowadays. Some tips would be to make use of your abilities to overpower the humans. Our superhuman strength can easily take down any one of them. Not casting a shadow will enhance your sneaking abilities to allow yourself to get closer to them in order to attack. Once near enough your mere presence and beauty will draw the humans to you like a moth to a flame. Your telepathic powers will also allow for your absolute success.


Lucy Westenra: The Bloofer Lady. By Dominique Brewer

Interviewer: So Lucy, what is it like to become a vampire?

Lucy: It’s an interesting experience. Being basically immortal and staying young forever is great but the whole dying part wasn’t as enjoyable.

Interviewer: That’s a good point. What’s the hardest part of being a vampire?

Lucy: Sleeping during the day. I wasn’t one for late night activities prior to dying so being

wide awake in the middle of the night took some getting used to.

Interviewer: Ok lastly, Where did your nickname “the Bloofer lady” from?

Lucy: Oh that! I got that from the kids the town I spent the end of my life at. That’s what they called me. I loved those kids. They kept me young.

Interviewer: Well thank you for your time Ms. Westenra.

Lucy: It was an honor to be here.

Modern Vampire Fashion: Hot or Not?

Fashion Show, Vampire Party


Citizens Become Suspicious After Ship Discovery by Laura Castro

This just in a vessel called the Demeter has washed up on shore. Witnesses claim to have seen no other crew members on board other than the corpse of what appeared to be the captain of the ship tied to the wheel and still grasping a crucifix. Bystanders also claim to have seen a very large dog jump out of the vessel and run into the countryside. The Demeter’s only cargo were a number of large wooden boxes, which were delivered to a Whitby solicitor. It appears that Count Dracula has returned home from his long journey away at sea for feeding.People have now witnessed the counts power to shapeshift into other beings. Others beware of wandering eyes when using your powers.