Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

Endangered since 1985

Common and Scientific Names

Common Name: Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

Scientific Name: Glaucomys sabrinus


Southern Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina

Reasons for Endangerment

Habitat destruction and fragmentation associated with the clearing of forests, introduced exotic pests, recreational and residential development, and pollution (heavy metals and acid rain).

Protection Efforts

The N. C. Wildlife Resources Commission has been surveying and monitoring the Carolina northern flying squirrel since 1995 to determine its precise range in NC. The Commission has installed over 1,000 nest boxes in western North Carolina to sample northern flying squirrels. Nest boxes make it possible to capture these animals and collect data. Biologists tag, weigh, and determine the sex of the squirrels that are captured. These surveys allow biologists to monitor and document the distribution and number of the squirrels. These surveys also give biologists the chance to find new populations and record their preferred habitat types. This information is used to develop habitat prediction models and identify habitats in need of conservation.
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