American lovedogs

There not what you think they are.

Sample paragraph

Yes, they are in the family of pit bulls , but they aren’t one. The name of this breed is the American bulldog. They aren’t like any other dog. This dog is not a harmful dog. They might look like one in a way, but they are the most protective, one dog home, loving dog.


First American bulldogs are very protective to there whole family. When they hear a noise there head shoots up and sometimes they might bark to warn you. If a stranger appears to your front door they will warn you quick. “Some are very useful protection dogs.” (pg.64) This breed will make sure you will be safe at all times they are with you.
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One dogs home

Next the American Bulldog should be a one dog home. “Some bulldogs are very protective over there treats, food, and there toys.” (pg.71) they should be able to eat out in the open. Other dogs just want to walk up to the food and take a piece and run. That is when the dog will get mad and either stare them down, or attack them. You should not be worried or scared if any other dogs you have will be harmed, just take them to the vet and see what is wrong with them. Just remember these dogs are a one dog home.

American lovedogs

Finally, “This type of dog is a very loving dog.” (pg.92) At night when it is time to sleep they have to be touching you or they will move closer and closer to you. In the afternoon if you go to school or work they will whine all day. When you get home that day, they lick you, sit down next to you, or they will run in circles until you play or pay attention to them. In the mornings they will not let you get up to get dressed. If you get up really fast then they will follow you anywhere you go. American bulldogs are very loving dogs.

Final paragraph

If you want a dog just take my advice and get an American bulldog. You should really think about getting one. Why don’t you go out there and get one today. The American bulldog is protective, a one dog home, and very loving.