United Countries Of Earth

Micah Bosman Ethan Carnes

Description of Utopia

  • Can only own a diesal truck
  • Priuses outlawed
  • The truck cannot and will not be good for the economy
  • Minimum wage will be set as 1,000,000,000,000 Dollars
  • No one will get offended on the planet earth
  • Food is free
  • No big cities, only small towns
  • 100% freedom of speech

Reasons for utopia

  • Priuses suck
  • Trucks are cool
  • People like money
  • priuses suck
  • No one likes priuses
  • No crowded places
  • No more being offended for stupid reasons
  • Priuses suck
  • No more complaining, suck it up and deal with it
  • Priuses suck

Who's for our utopia?

  • Thick skinned people, like Larry the cable guy
  • People who are otherwise known as "country folk" and that listen to country music
  • People who own trucks and or like trucks!
  • People that are pro- gun
  • People that support the 2nd amendment

What's the connection to the American Dream?

People will have happiness! They will have tons of money, enough to be wealthy enough to live a happy life!


DISCLAIMER: people who don't like trucks, money, the 2nd amendment, and country music won't like this utopia. Or "HAPPY PLACE"

Slogan: Don't worry, about a thing!

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Larry the cable guy photo:

Larry the Cable Guy. Digital image. Http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7YB1/prilosec-things-you-want-feat larry-the-cable-guy. Web. Digital Image

Prius repellent photo: Larry the Cable Guy. Digital image. Http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7YB1/prilosec-things-you-want-feat-larry-the-cable-guy. Web.