The 'Rona Weekly

April 6, 2020

Our New Normal

Good Morning Sunray High School, (in Michael Peeple's voice, lol!!)

I can't tell y'all how much I miss seeing your sweet smiling faces. I hope you are all doing well and that you're staying safe.

I know this isn't the Spring Semester we were planning for back in January, but it's what we have so we will be working together to move forward, support each other, and keep ourselves safe and well.

In this weekly newsletter, I'll include two parts. First, information on what you can expect in the coming months regarding topics such as class selection for next year, dual credit registration, and TSI Testing. Seniors, I'll be getting you information on scholarships, FAFSA, Class Rank and GPA. I will be here to support you in any way I can. This information is going to be tentative and may change from week to week given the situation, but I will always keep you updated with the latest information we have.

The second part of the letter will include some ideas for coping strategies and ways you can help manage your stress and the stress of those around you. This is an unprecedented time in our world and there is a lot of scary news out there. But, like I've always said, we have to do our best not to stress over things we can't control and focus on the things we can control.

I'm here for y'all always. I can be reached at and will always get back to you right away. Stay well my friends!

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School Business

Fall 2020 Class Selection

Several of you have reached out to me via email (I love hearing from y'all!!) asking about class selection for next year. My goal is to have the online class selection site set up and ready for y'all by May. We are still in the process of adding new and exciting classes for next year. I plan on including an instructional video with information on the new programs, any pre-requisite requirements, and expectations for those in the classes. We will, as in years past, open selection to Future Seniors (Class of 2021) first, then Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen.

Future Freshmen (Class of 2024) - we will come up with a plan for getting information to you about the new areas of study, TSI testing, and selecting classes online. We may try to schedule a zoom meeting with y'all or create a special google classroom with information specifically for your class.

Dual Credit Information

Registration for both Summer and Fall Dual Credit Classes begins on Monday April 6th. If you are currently in a Dual Credit class, you should be able to follow the steps below to register online. If you run into any issues or have any questions, you can call AC at 371-5000 or email me at and I will help you in any way I can.

If you are not currently taking a Dual Credit class and have not passed the required TSI tests, you will need to wait until you have passed your TSI to register. We hope to begin offering small group TSI testing in May and I will get that information to you as soon as we have it set up. In the meantime, please apply for admission at AC by going to and clicking the Apply Now button. The application takes about 5 minutes and will allow AC to create an account so that when you do take the TSI, they can attach your test scores to your account. Holler at me if you have any questions.

Juniors, please keep in mind if you have not passed TSI Math, you will have to wait to register for College Algebra. If you have not passed TSI Writing, you will have to wait to register for Freshmen Comp (English 4 DC). There will be plenty of time to get this taken care of in May and over the summer so don't stress out about this. I'm simply trying to relay information regarding questions I have received.

Below are the step by step instructions for online Dual Credit Registration along with the Summer Class List. I will add (hopefully before the end of the day today - Monday) the Fall Course offerings for AC so keep checking in on this newsletter for that list. Keep in mind, while the cost of Fall classes will be covered by the school, at this time the cost of Summer classes will be your responsibility. May 15th is the deadline to pay for Summer classes and you can pay online or by calling 371-5000 or by calling/visiting the Moore County Campus when/if it reopens.

One final reminder, we have all Summer to register for Fall classes so don't panic if you aren't able to get it done this week or even next week. There will be plenty of room in the classes and you will be able to add or drop classes until the day school starts. This information was sent mainly for those of you planing on taking Summer classes.

Step By Step Instructions for Dual Credit Registration



Summer & Fall2020

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “AC Connect” tab at the top right.
  3. If you know your ID and Password, under AC Self Service click WebAdvisor requires Login...WebAdvisor for Students

4. Select the “Log In” tab (located towards the top of the right side of the page); loginusing your ACNetID and Password. If you do not know your ID and Password, skip down to #12.

5. Under the “Registration” section, choose “Dual Credit Register for Sections”.

  1. You will be taken to Student Planning. Click on the “Go to Plan & Schedule” on the right side of the page.
  2. Select the semester you will be registering for by using the arrows next to the semester displayed. Make sure you are in the correct semester in which you are registering.
  3. Click on the Search Box “Search for Classes” magnifying glass.

7. Enter ONLY in the search for classes box the Course Offering (Ex. HIST-1302-DC001). Hit ENTER. See course offering sheet attachedor given to your counselor

  1. The appropriate course will be displayed. Verify that on the left side that locations has “High School Dual Credit”. Click on “View Available Section for…”
  2. Verify this is the correct course and correct semester or the course you are registering for, and click “Add Section to Schedule”. Click “Add Section”.
  3. Click on the Student Panning tab on the top left. Click on the option “Plan & Schedule” Verify that you are in the correct semester you are registering for using the arrows.
  4. Click on the blue “Register Now” button on the top right of the page. You are registered!

12. Select “MyAccount” under the AC apps and email section. Click on the red HELP button. Enter your last name, birthdate, and social security number. Your ACNetID is located at the top of the page. Create a new password and accept the agreement for the “Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology” and click on the SUBMIT button. This will take you to the MYACCOUNT page. Select the “AC Connect” tab towards the top of the page, and then follow the instructions from #5 through #11 to register.

PAYMENT: Due for Summer is May 15, 2020 & Fall isby August 7, 2020

• Follow steps 1-4 above.

• In Student Planning click on the Home button the left hand menu (there is a home icon)

• Click on Student Finance to make a payment online.

• Or, you can call 371-5000 or 371-5001 to pay by phone, or in person at the Washington St. Campus.

• There are payment plans for a $20 fee where you may pay in 5, 4, or 3 installments. Click on “Spring 2020 Payment Plan.”

New to Dual Credit:

• Make sure you have applied to AC You cannot register until your application has been processed (1-3 business days).

• Use the AC Online Application, not Apply Texas for Dual Credit. (step-by step video found on our website,

• Campus Dual Credit Coordinator needs to send qualifying test scores to

* ERRORS? Call Amarillo College at 371-5941 or 371-5214 to resolve errors. If the error says:

• Anything about pre-requisites, you have probably not met TSI testing requirements or AC does not have your score on file. See your counselor or school’s Dual Credit Coordinator, with your AC ID, and they will send your score.

• You may get a message stating you need to be green lighted. This means you are not coded as dual credit, and you can call 371-5941 or 371-5214 to get that resolved. You can also email, and it can be taken care of quickly as well.

• If the system cannot uniquely identify you, either you do not have an application in the system, or, some of the information does not match; i.e., social security number or date of birth. Call the Registrar’s Office at 371-5036.

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TSI Testing

TSI (Texas Success Initiative) is a series of 3 tests (Math, Reading, and Writing all taken separately) that is required for all Dual Credit classes. It is also required for any students planning on attending college in Texas. This test is offered to Sunray High School students at no cost and students may attempt the test multiple times until they are successful.

We hope to begin offering the TSI back up at the High School by the 2nd week of May. Because we will have to test in small groups (less than 10) I will be creating an online sign up sheet (probably in Google) for you to sign up to take the test you need.

Current Seniors (Class of 2020) - if you were in a College Prep class this year and would like to attempt the TSI before starting college in the fall, you are welcome to schedule a time to come up to the HS in May. This is for your own benefit so you are not going to be required to take the test to graduate, it is just strongly encouraged if you plan on going to college, take advantage of taking the test for free while you still can. :)

Future Seniors (Class of 2021) - you will ALL be taking TSI this year as well. If you have already passed TSI, you are good. If you have never taken TSI or have not passed, you will have multiple opportunities to take the tests in May. As in previous years, if you are not successful in passing the test, you will be taking a College Prep Math and/or a College Prep English class next year to ensure you are fully prepared for life after high school.

Future Juniors and Sophomores - you are all encouraged to take a TSI if you would like to take a Dual Credit class next year. You are not required to take it, but it is available to you should you be interested in Dual Credit.

Future Freshmen - you will ALL be taking your TSI this year. We will be getting additional information to all of you as the time gets closer. For now, just focus on your online classes and taking care of yourself. There are some exciting new opportunities available for y'all next year that require TSI and we will be sure to get you the information and be sure you are prepared before testing.

Senior Scholarships

Hello Class of 2020!! I can't tell y'all how much I miss you all! Thank you to those of you that have reached out to check on me and/or to ask questions. It makes my day to get messages from you!

So, most scholarship deadlines that we discussed before Spring Break have passed. We hope to be able to schedule interviews for the Sunray ISD Scholarship sometime in May. When we have that scheduled, I will get you the information and the application will be emailed to you and posted on the Sunray ISD webpage as all other scholarships have been. As I learn of any new scholarships, I will email them to y'all and will get them posted on the Sunray ISD webpage. if you happen to hear of any scholarships, please share them with me so I can get that information out to the entire class.

Because we are not able to go to the school anymore, if you need a copy of your 7 semester transcript or a letter of recommendation, I can email those to you but will not be able to print a copy for you. Please email me at for any requests or questions. I'm here for y'all and will help you any way I can.

I miss you all so much and hope to hear from y'all soon and see you in May. :)

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Stress Management

10 Ideas

I'm sure none of us thought this would be our new normal, but here we are. People of all ages are dealing with more stress than they ever have before. This includes parents, teachers, students, and younger kiddos. Here are some ideas you can use to help combat stress at home.

1. Do Something! Don't just spend all day online, watching TV, or playing video games. Use this free time to be productive. Clean out your closet, help your parents, do some chores around the house, help younger siblings with school work, read a book, take a walk, cook dinner for your family! There are so many things you can do to fill the time, don't pass the days with just a screen in front of your face.

2. Check on friends and family! Touch base with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended family members. Reach out to someone from school that you don't normally talk too regularly. Message a friend from another school, maybe someone you competed against in athletics or someone you met at a stock show. Ask your teachers how they are doing. Talk to your younger siblings and ask them how they are handling the situation. Ask your parents how they are doing. We are all in this together and checking on others not only makes them feel good, it makes you feel good, too!

3. Get outside! The fresh air and Vitamin D you get from the sun are good for you. it helps with your physical health and also helps prevent depression.

4. Get moving! When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you feel good. Although we can't have organized work outs and athletics at this time, you can still use the school track and tennis courts for a good cardio work out. There are also several online workout programs available for free. Check them out!

5. Support your parents! This time is not just stressful for you, it's stressful for everyone in your home. Ask your parents how you can help them. Do your best to avoid silly arguments with siblings. I know it's easy to get caught up in small things, but do your best to focus on the bigger situation here. We are all going to be home for awhile, let's offer to help our parents and siblings and try to avoid unnecessary conflict as much as we can.

6. Relax! Do something you find relaxing. Take a nap, take a bath, read a book, go sit outside, watch a good movie to get your mind off things, listen to relaxing music, light a candle, say a prayer. There are so many things we can do to calm ourselves down. Let's be mindful when we feel the stress coming on a do something to make us feel better!

7. Virtual get togethers! I know you are all very social and that you are staying connected with your circle online better than most adults probably are. if you haven't been using Zoom, Google Meet Up, FaceTime, or another virtual meeting program to get together in real time with your friends, what are you waiting for! Meetings are easy to schedule and having real time conversations with your friends is good for all of you! Help your parents and younger siblings set up meetings with their friends, too! It will be good for everyone.

8. Routines are good! I know as teenagers, you all LOVE your sleep. However, it's easy to get into a bad habit of sleeping too much and this can actually lead to depression. if you find yourself sleeping in too often or sleeping too much, consider setting a routine for yourself. Set an alarm to wake you up, have your coffee, take your dog for a walk, workout at home, get your school work completed, read, cook, however you want to schedule your time. Get this set up and stick to it! You will feel good about getting things accomplished and will help avoid depression.

9. This will pass! Remind yourself that this situation is temporary. We will get through this. There will come a day when we can all get together and go to concerts, games, movies, and dinner again. Try to focus on the future and on controlling what you can control. It's easy to get caught up in the helplessness of the current moment so do your best to avoid those feelings.

10. Talk to someone! If you are feeling depressed, if you are having thoughts of self harm or suicide, if you know someone having these thoughts, PLEASE talk to someone. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800)237-8255. You can text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. You can email me and I'll call you to talk. You can call and talk to your friends. Talk to your parents. The feelings you are having a normal, and there is NO SHAME in asking for help.

We are all in this together. I love and miss you all and am here for you. Thank you again to all of you that have already touched base with me over the past couple of weeks. I hope to hear from more of you soon!

Our Lives at Home in Pictures

I want to know how y'all are doing!

I want y'all to email me pictures of your life at home. I want to see pictures of:

  • your pets,
  • puzzles you are working on
  • you working on your school work
  • your clean room
  • your organized closet
  • an awesome sunset
  • your project for school
  • you reading to your younger siblings
  • a meal you cooked
  • flowers you planted
  • a funny (school appropriate) meme
  • just anything you see or having been doing during your time at home

I'll select several of these to feature in next week's newsletter. Please email the pictures to me at I can't wait to "see" you all!
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