Captive By Aimee Carter

Lincoln Soper

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Kitty doe is a type of girl that is masked into society as a famous girl of pure royalty. Kitty is threatened by Augusta hart her fake grandmother. Augusta threatens to kill benjy, kitty's boyfriend. Kitty then shoots Augusta hart right in the heart and kills her. Daxton the Prime minister ( Kitty's pretend grandfather) decides the put her on probation and keep a eye on her to make sure nothing goes wrong. It turns out Augusta hart was watching kitty before she was even masked. Kitty then sneaks into daxtons office and takes files that were based off of kitty. Daxton finds out that kitty took these files because know (kitty's fake fiance) turns her in. Daxton then orders kitty to be sent to elsewhere. Elsewhere is a place where the extras in society are sent where they dont play a role. Kitty is taken to elsewhere and is introduced to the scheme of things. Kitty is then greeted by the macers ( Wardens of elsewhere) Kitty was offered to live in the mercer manor but she refused. One shocking event leads to another and a whole riot breaks out in elsewhere. Kitty is told that her being masked was on random event. Lucy manor ends up being kitty's actual mom and she was sent to elsewhere to meet her.

My character

The character that most represents me is knox. Knox is a guy that is very intelligent and a guy with a personality that will not give up. Knox leads this rebellion agaisnt elsewhere and wins. His determination really made this book interesting.



I would reccomend this book if you like books full of twists and turn. This book had me glued to my seat and i never wanted to put this book down because it was so good. There are 2 books in this series and I highly suggest you read them, you will not regret it.
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Questions I would ask the Author

Why did you choose this type of story

Why did you choose to have a girl masked

Why did you write this book

Why did you kill people off this book

Why did you put a rank type society in this book.

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