Christ the Redemeer

In the beginning

In 1922, construction began, a statue was in the making. There were several ideas for this statue but only one got chosen.

Designer Heitor da Salvia, Paul Landowski sculptured it from concrete. After nine years and a cost of 250,000 the statue opened to the public on October 12, 1931. (

This monument was a symbol of Christianity. Also considered an icon of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. The 5th largest statue of Jesus.(Cambodia Angkor)

The idea behind the statue was first proposed in the mid 1850's when a Catholic priest by the name of Pedro Maria Boss requested the fiancée to build a religious monument in the city. The idea was dismissed and the monument was never built. In 1921, a monument was proposed again by the Catholic Circle of Rio. They asked the public for support and donations to have a religious strength in the country.( Michael Thomason)

In conclusion, the city of Rio de Janeiro has become a city of warmth to the people of Brazil. Also continuously receive visitors with open arms.