In different forms

My Story of Escape

Time stopped as i was staring death in the face at that very moment. As the hot flame from the crematorium burned my face i thought about what had led to this moment.

I had grown up in a surprisingly small family for the time. it was just me and my parents that was intill the knock on our door. They barged in and took my parents away the only reason they didn't get me was because my parents told me to hide. i came out they were gone and i was alone. After that i was a runaway an outcast i traveled the edges of germany looking for a place to sleep every night and a something to eat. I knew i had to keep moving so i nerver stayed in one place for more than a day.

I was finally getting used to my independent life style i ran in to a renegade group of jewish run aways just like me as i travled with the group i had a lot of friends but none that toped max (He wouldn't give me a last name) we had a connection that waas unmatched. He would always say "Friends can help you get through anything." I thought he was right but then why did he die because i was his friend. As we travled and our time away from home grew so did our hatred for the Nazi regiment. We started making truble and before we new it Hitler wanted to personally witness our execution. As time went on it got harder and harder and harder to find a place to hunker down. With us creating such commotion we were high valued targets. Then it happened we were tracked down and they found us there was nothing we could do.

We were sentenced to suffer in a concentration camp before we were publicly executed with Hitler him self watching. Our time spent there was hard and dreadful but max being there help tremendously he look fine and showed no sign of what he was actually going through. It was a morning like every other but thats not what it was going to be. We found him Max hanging by his own doing it was hard to face i lost hope myself but judgement day was coming up soon enough.

We were woken up unusaually early so was all the other prisioners it was time me and my groups shinning moments and, just as promised there was the man with the moustace him self standing there watching as if it was a show. we started off taward the creamaturium. but then there was an uprisung that made a distraction in the camp so we ran and never looked back.

Towering over us

Look at you towering over us like you rule us all

Be careful the taller they are the harder they fall

Seeing you with your hand up in hail

Makes me sick and pale

And i know you are destined to fail

Look at you towering over us like you rule us all

You stole there minds

And you charge them fines

You kill them all

Look at you towering over us like you rule us all

you kill all the jews in the land

to finish your plan

but we all have hope

for you are not our pope

you will fall

look at you towering over us like you rule us all


Hitler is you savor from the jew menace they would leech the life out of everything if it wasint for him. I assure you they are being taken care of humainly no need to worry.