Pre-K Learning Guide

10/26- 30

Important Updates!

Phase 2- Hybrid

We are scheduled to move to hybrid learning the week of Oct. 26. During hybrid students will be split into 2 groups: A group and B group. A students will attend school on Monday and Tuesdays. B students will attend school Thursday and Fridays. On the days your child is not in school they will be engaged in asynchronous learning.

Preparing You and Your Child

Please help us prepare your child by letting them know:

  • parents won't be coming into the school, they will be a big boy/ girl and go in with their teacher
  • they have to wear their mask all day to keep themselves and others safe
  • they have to stay at their seat and can't hug/ high five/ etc their friends or teachers

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous learning basically means that students will be working more independently and through mostly recorded videos. On your child's asynchronous days they will meet live on Teams first thing in the morning for a check in (7:40/7:45). And then they will need to watch and complete their online assignments. Asynchronous lessons will be assembled in smore and will be sent via remind, student email, and on the Teams page.

Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Edwards will be unavailable Friday, October 30 at 8 am until November 8. If you have questions or concerns Mrs. Chambers will be able to assist you. You can reach her at the school on school days and via remind at other times.

Shout Outs

Daily Schedule

Week at a Glance


We will be learning ways people get around and...
  • the letters I, i and S, s
  • counting syllables in words
  • reading the book: Would You Like to Fly?
  • position words like: up, down, over, under, in, out, on, off, beside, between, in front of, behind
  • counting to 20
  • the number 1
  • labels


What to Bring to School

On the days that your child comes to school have them bring:

  • a book bag (if you need one we have some that were donated last year, just let us know)
  • a water bottle with water (students won't be allowed to use the water fountains
  • a snack for your child
  • their iPad and charger
  • all of their work folders: red, yellow, green, and blue

At home days

On the days your child is doing asynchronous learning at home I will provide a materials list at the top of that smore.


We are in the Blue folder this week

  • ABC 10/28 (2 sheets with S's to find and dot)
  • either their Popsicle sticks or their pipe cleaners
  • Math 10/28

Choice Time

Choice Times will be found in the smore for their asynchronous days. Typically it will include:
  • ABC Mouse
  • Epic
  • Related Arts
  • 2 Seesaws
  • independent reading and writing

Daily Choice Time Options

In addition to having your child complete the daily choice time activities consider having them choose from these activities:

  • Read a book/ books
  • draw, color, or write
  • play a game together/ with siblings
  • play outside or dance inside
  • play with play-doh
  • build or make something
  • play with toys
  • have a snack

Let's try to give the kids a break from the screens. (P.S.- your child can always show me what they are working on by adding it to their journal in seesaw, I love seeing their work)

Related Arts


Now that we have moved to hybrid please make sure you follow this schedule for the related arts: Monday- Spanish, Tuesday- Art, Wednesday- Music and Guidance, Thursday- P. E., and Friday- Book Chat

Thank you

Contact Mrs. Edwards

And you can text me through Remind!