Merryhill School

Sixth Grade to Washington D.C.

Day 4 of Washington DC trip

On their final day in Washington D.C., it is proving to yet another very busy and exciting day for our 6th grade students!

They visited the U.S. Capitol and were able to meet with Congressman Joe Barton. They enjoyed their visit and posed in his office for a photo! They have gallery passes and will be there for a vote. They are then going to visit the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress today.

Unfortunately, the weather has been less than accommodating again today, and they are having another rainy day. Fortunately, they have had such an amazing trip that they can see past the rain and enjoy all of the wonderful experiences and memories that they have had from their trip.

They will return to Dallas this evening. I am quite sure that they will rest well this weekend after walking 30,000 + steps every day this week! They will have wonderful memories of their final class trip at Merryhill before they graduate soon!

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