The Northwood Elementary Connection

November 2021 Newsletter

From the Desk of Principal Miranda Roscoe

Hello Northwood Elementary families-

We have officially made it to the end of the first quarter! It was great seeing all the students dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Students are starting to get familiar with school rules and expectations. We appreciate your support at home reinforcing the school's expectations.

We are moving into the cold and flu season and wanted to remind you that if your student is not feeling well or has a fever please keep them at home to help reduce the spread. You can call in their absence at 440-284-8014.

Traffic and safety at arrival and dismissal are still a concern. When possible, please enter the parking lot off of Rosealee and join the car rider line. This will help keep traffic flowing at a consistent pace. Please refrain from doing the following things during arrival/dismissal:.

  • Dropping students off in the parking lot and driveway .Dropping students off outside of the car rider line is unsafe and slows down the arrival process because adults and Safety Patrol must cross students being dropped off in other locations.

  • At dismissal, please do not park in the parking spaces and walk over to pick up your student. It is more beneficial for the flow of traffic, if you will join the car rider line to pick your child up.

  • Holding prolonged conversations with staff in the car riders line.


Miranda Roscoe

Principal Northwood Elementary

School-Wide Positive Behavior Incentive

Here at Northwood Elementary we like to encourage and recognize positive behavior. Starting November 9th, students will be recognized by staff for demonstrating positive behavior and specific character traits. Students will receive tickets from staff. The tickets will be put into a grade level container and on Fridays we will pull winning tickets during the morning announcements. Staff will award tickets for some of the following positive behaviors and character traits::

  • Resolving a Conflict

  • Being a Friend

  • Doing the Right Thing

  • Being Responsible

  • Hard Working

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease : From Nurse DiFranco

Parents, this is the season we see an increase in childhood illnesses that are easily spread. One of those is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. We have seen a few cases here and there, but have started seeing an increase in cases. Please read the information below regarding the disease including signs and symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention. Remember, the best ways to prevent the spread of any disease is to practice good hand hygiene and staying home if sick.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be held Thursday, November 11th, and Wednesday, November 17th 3:30-8:00. Conferences will be scheduled up to 7:45.Teachers will provide detailed information about conferences.

Important Dates for the Month of November

November 8th- No School Record’s Day

November 11th- Veterans Day Car Parade 10:30-11:00 (Veterans Only)

November 11th- Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:45

November 16th- Picture Retake Day

November 17th- Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:45

November 22nd-23rd- Work from Home Days for Students/Teachers will provide assignments

November 24th-26th- Thanksgiving Break

Second Harvest Food Pantry @ Ely Stadium 3:30-5:30

Food pantry dates:

12/6/, 1/3/, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2/ 6/6 & 7/11