Acceptable use Policies

By: Myranda Newman - Noah

Coppell Independent School District

Their goal is to promote educational excellence within Coppell isd. They believe that technology is a privilege not a right. They want to prevent unauthorized access and follow the Child's Internet Protection Act.

Austin Independent School District

The District technology is for instructional and administrative use only. They also believe technology is a privilege not a right.

Midlothian Independent School District

Their internet access is for students and teachers. They also believe that technology is a privilege not a right. The superintendent choses a committee to oversee and maintain the appropriate technology filtering.

Pros and Cons

Coppell isd

Pros:It covers all state and federal laws over the internet. It makes sure every student is responsible for their actions and that they come with consequences.

Cons: The blocking of the internet allows some private personal things. Then some students/faculty could use to violate the acceptable use policy without violating the block.

Austin isd

Pros: It cover all state and federal laws over the internet. Every student is held responsible for the proper use of the technology and can be denied access. Does everything to make sure the users information stay confidential.

Cons: Also for some personal use, which mean that by letting the users use the technology for personal use the user could violate the agreement without violating the block.

Midlothian isd

Pros: Users can request to block sites.

Cons: Before the students can have access to the technology they have to complete any training necessary. Which will make students not want to go through that training because they will think it is unnecessary and a waste of time.

Students and Teachers point of views


Students will like that their identity is safe from unauthorized users, and they will like that they can use the technology for some personal use, like Facebook or something like that. But they probably won't like that their access can be denied from them if they violate the policy.


The Teachers will like that they can "control" what sites their students use. But they probably don't like that the site doesn't block the students personal websites because the students will be distracted from the lesson.

Which policy is the best?

It think that the Coppell isd policy is the best because, I am the most familiar with this particular policy, I've used it since 6th grade. The others are very similar to the Coppell isd policy. There are some exceptions; like with Midlothian. They have a committee that overseas all of the online filtering and they make their staff get permission from their supervisor to gain access to technology.

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