Harwood Huskies PE/Health

Physical Education

This month is a short month. He have been Bowling! We have been learning how to properly hold a bowling ball with our thumb and two middle fingers, we have been practicing how to roll the ball underhand and we have learned the three step approach to releasing the ball. Along with Bowling, we have been playing some fun holiday games like: Jack Frost and Jane Thaw, Turkey Knock-Out, and Reindeer Rescue.

Look for upcoming information about the fifth grade ski trip to Detroit Mountain in Detroit Lakes, MN.


This month we are learning about MyPlate and healthy eating. MyPlate has replaced the old food guide pyramid. It represents the five main good groups and how much we should be eating on a daily basis from each of those food groups. Half of our plate should be fruits and vegetables and half of our plate should be from the grain and protein groups. Earlier this month we partnered with Family Wellness and they came in and taught our 4th and 5th graders how to prepare a healthy snack. It was delicious!