Reaching New Heights

Youth Mentoring Program

Who we are

Reaching New Heights is an innovative Non-profit youth mentoring program providing pre-teens and teens with academic support, intergenerational mentoring, college preparation, job training and skills to prepare them for their future. Our goal is to create a community based mentoring program by building relationships with our community members to enrich the lives of our youths by supporting, empowering, and orienting them in their personal growth and development.

Our Plan

We plan to form an extended family with our community members, because we believe a family is a basis for stability and stability supports healthy child development. Research shows that children who experience family stability have caregivers who remain constant, consistent, and connected to them over time; they have caregivers who can provide a supportive nurturing and stimulating environment. In other words, children have much better outcomes if their family lives are stable. This is what Reaching New Heights aims to accomplish, a family network of leaders who will empower and enrich the lives of our future leaders.

What we need

In order to create this extended family we are seeking the collaboration of our community members to serve as mentors who will volunteer their time and effort to build a relationship with a mentee. We want to match a number of community members with 12-16 students who are part of the Reaching New Heights Mentoring Program.

We have the support of community business such as WordUp Bookstore, The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center, NegroClaro, NOMAA, Uptown Collective, among others, all we need is YOU. Yes YOU. Are you a business owner, self employed, skilled in a trade or art, a teacher, a professional in your field? if so you may possess the qualities we are looking for in a mentor.

If you are interested please sign up and we will send all the information you will need.

Thanks for your support, our youth will appreciate it.