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January 19, 2021


Welcome to another first day of school!

Group 1: We are so glad to see your faces! Remember to smile with your eyes, since your nose and mouth are covered! :)

This is a big adjustment for all of us. Remember we are all on this new adventure together! Keep breathing, safely wear your mask, and know we are glad you are here!

Group 2: Please remember the Media Center staff is still here to help. We are accessible by phone, email, and Zoom! By the time you are here on Thursday, we will have a lot of the bugs worked out. Group 1 is getting to be our guinea pig group! :D

Your teachers are happy to see you. Remember to smile with your eyes!

Smithton Middle School: Media Center

Media Center Team!


Neva Jorgensen

Library Media Specialist


(573) 214-3260 ext. 75470

Annie Lee

Library Media Clerk


(573) 214-3260 ext. 75144

Matt Spry

Computer Support Analyst (Technology Services)

(573) 214-3260 ext. 7547

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