Maxwell/Ciesielski 2nd Grade

September 26-30

Diary of a Spider

This week we will be reading Diary of a Spider. Click on this link to access the book being read on Youtube. The book in our reader is shorter than this one, but we will be both versions in class. I have some fun activities planned this week! We will be acting out the story and recording it on an ipad--- I hope to show you our results in next week's newsletter. Our learning goals:

I can understand cause and effect.

I can summarize.

I can spell words with long o, u, and e.

I understand the various sounds g can make.

I can use context cues to read unknown words.

Vocabulary Words: insects, dangerous, scare, sticky, rotten, screaming, breeze, judge

Spelling words: doze, nose, use, rose, pole, close, cute, woke, mule, rode, role, tune, home, joke, wrote, ice cube

Math Topic 2 Working with Equal Groups Learning Goals

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Challenger Learning Center

We will be going to challenger in November. Please watch for permission slips to come home with your child. This is an exciting study trip! Your child will love it!

Go College Week --- This week!

Monday -- College gear

Tuesday -- Military or Camo wear

Wednesday -- Dress like your future career

Thursday -- College Hat Day

Friday -- Brickie or College wear