Pink Posharita Update

Random Monday update because there is so much going on today


TEAM/COMPANY GOAL $22,000 / $3, 020
NEW MEMBER GOAL 15 / 4 to go!

Double the Perks!!! Woohoo!!! 2 days only- on 14 Posh favorites!

Check it out- you might be surprised by the awesome products there are that you can earn DOUBLE perks BFF, Gender Bender, Snarky hand creme and body butter, the Healer... remember perks can be used to help you get business supplies from the portal FOR FREE! We have a new catalog launch at the beginning of February and you will WANT to get some new business supplies- and nothing is better than getting them for free wink emoticon Rack up some perks now!
And your customers will also earn double perks on purchases of these products! They can bank them and use them for new catalog launch too! If they're not enrolled, encourage them to- they get 250 just for signing up!
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Taxable items for 2015 on your 1099-MISC. You will only receive a 1099 if your total of the INCLUDED items is $600 or more. If your total is less than $600, you will not receive a 1099 and should consult with your tax accountant. Your legal name and tax ID will be final for your tax forms at the end of the day tomorrow, December 29, 2015:

- Weekly and monthly commissions
- Premier Pool bonus checks
- 3-month, 6-month, and Annual Award Cash bonuses
- Posh Points
- Incentive Trip values (calculated individually – not everyone used airfare, for example)

- Perks
- Props (30-60-90-day rewards)
- Rank Advancement pins and certificates
- Corporate travel, lodging, and meals for Pinnacles
- Trip to the Home Office for the birthday party
- Other contest prizes such as Facebook contests, Day Away giveaways, etc.


End of Month CONTEST! (Can be on a real poster or virtual and then you print out later)

I want to do something kinda different for this contest but I really believe it will make a difference in your business- having a plan and setting goals is key to ensuring success! So...I'm asking all of you to create "2016 Posh dream boards". Here's mine as an example: it could include inspirational quotes, what you'd like to be able to do with your posh income, what contests/incentives/promotions you'd like to achieve, and what your goals are whether that be sales, parties or team building! Once you create your dream board, I think it would be a great thing to share with your customers and supporters! Show them you're serious about Posh in 2016!

•Dream boards are due by midnight on January 1st, 2016!
•To be entered, take a picture and post it as a comment on the dream board thread in the Pink Posharitas group.
•One random consultant who creates a dream board will win a retired "I've been set up" makeup setting spray and also an exclusive "Slap" body creme!

Remember my Pink Posharita Incentive this month! Everyone is eligible!

Update so far in terms of December Challenge Points:

Marj Putnam 2 pts
Kate Alstadt 3 pts
Denise McCarthy Wilcox 2 pts
Sarah Aig Kleinman 22 pts (top points earner so far!)
Marybeth Kravatz Ricci 2 pts
Robbin Smith Colandrea 2 pts
Sarah Schwartz 3 pts
Maria Demler 8 pts (you've earned a Posh prize pack!)
Lorrie M Ellis 5 pts
Amy Tether Koker 2 pts
Cheryl St Germain 5 pts
Stacy Battersby Stormer 3 pts
Amy 6 pts (you're SUPER close to earning the Posh prize pack)
Aly Harmon 2 pts
Lauren Harmon 2 pts
Jenna Plafker 5 pts (you're SUPER close to earning the Posh prize pack)
Whitney Banta Simone 2 pts
Kerri Laird 5 pts (you're SUPER close to earning the Posh prize pack)
Maxie Coleman 11 pts (you've earned a Posh prize pack!)
Ariel Michelle 2 pts
Nicole 'Fretz' Bailey 8 pts (you've earned a Posh prize pack!)
Melanie Corallo 9 pts (you've earned a Posh prize pack!)
Amanda Benjamin 2 pts
Sharon Thomas 3 pts
Suzanne Marie 5 pts (you're SUPER close to earning the Posh prize pack)
Lisa Sargent 2 pts
Melody Jordahl-Iafrato 1 pt
Lauren Erck Friedman 2 pts
Holly Ann 2 pts

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Pink Posharitas are all Perfectly Posh consultants that are downline of Maddie Jaime, Premier Perfectly Posh Consultant.