5th Grade Newsletter

Soaring to New Heights

May 6, 2016

Band schedule:

Monday - Trumpet and trombone

Tuesday - Flutes, clarinets, saxophones, percussion

Wednesday - All band

Thursday - trumpet and trombone

Friday - Flutes, clarinets, saxophones, percussion

Teaching and Learning

  • Our students are still working on their American Revolution novel studies. They will be reading their book and taking a practice AR (Accelerated Reader) test after reading the book. We are preparing them for another key piece to middle school!

  • We will continue with Social Studies for the remainder of the year. We will cover the events leading up, during, and after the American Revolution.

Upcoming Events

Looking Ahead...

May 10 - PJ day!

May 10 and 11 - MAP Assessments

May 13 - Field day

Class colors

Whalen - Gree

Tomlinson - Blue

Gartner - Red

Loosbrock - Orange

May 17 - 5th grade farewell - Look for more information and reminders to come soon!

May 20 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! - updated after Board of Ed. meeting on 4/4/2016


  • Encourage your child to review their notes and study for their upcoming social studies and ELA tests each day.
  • Thanks for sending a healthy snack! The kids appreciate it too!