Brian's Diary/journal

By Paul Wasnak

life with the wild in cannda

Yes its the official brian's diary

Day 16,

As much as i got to say, its brutal torcher. I really didnt know anything about survival. Since that day i crashed here in the canadian landscape i’ve changed a tiny bit. My

Mind has snaped and told me i needed to live. I then had hope. Hope with this wild spirit that lies within me comes out a gives me a boost with my learning abilities. So now i’ve been finding food but those berries got me sick, then the next day i tried a worm... most disgusting thing i’ve ever done infact. i’ve been having flashbacks of my life. My geuss is that nature really wants me to let it go and move on, breaking that anger circle that is kept captive. I’ll have to see what goes on next after those next few days.

Day 24,

So as much as i suspected i’ve ate turtle eggs and i tried to cook them with a wooden pan i carved myself with this hatchet. This mini axe of mine has helped me ever since. i created shelter for myself using this thing. Speaking of that the past few 5 days i thought i was being stalked by some, monkey man as i call it. But later on during that night i kicked a porcupine think that it was a monkey man. Now realizing that monkeys are in the jungle not the woods. I had a laugh. If i see any other animal roman around my spot i’ll be aware.

Day 26,

I went fishing by using a craft sharp spear. i caught a small bass or 2 for the 1st then the 2nd i caught a normal size fish. after i ate I spotted a bear and was scared at first but he was hunting for fish as well since there natrual habitat is also to catch fish. it notice me and i ran for my life. So later on during the day i found a small water fall and there i ment...was the bear. Oh boy that sucker was big and had sharp claws it tried to attack me. i ran back again. and stayed in shelter for the day. i happen to think it was 7:00pm around that time when i came back to go to sleep but who knows i didnt have a watch.

Day 32,

And today i was surrprised. it was the plane. Now if this was a movie there would be some dun dun duuun music in the mix hahaha. Well i decide go for a swim and check out the plane to see if there was anything left but obviously i thought there was nothing left but that man’s dead body. once i got inside the plane i fliped from that man’s body still on the seat strapped still, cold, and that was a fatality from ermac in mortal kombat, i love that game its so good. So i then found what appears to be a surrvival kit. I was so happy as hell that it had been hell for me enough to be in hell. As soon as i was coming out the water crash though due to the persure of the water under the surface.

Day 39 - 46,

I finaly started learing how to use a rifle and the radishes that the army uses in the wars and so i was releaved and finally living. Now i feel as if i wont last until the winter. Well i mind as well as live til i die. Now there was a storm coming and i wasnt perpared. so i’d just hide in my shelter. and it was desteroyed a little and i was a little upset.

Day 56 -60,

And so decided to go fishing again and thought when are they coming i need to be home. and so there was a plane and the finally landed as soon as they saw me they asked me who i was and i told them everything. and so if your reading this make this a movie if ya want i dont care. this Brian Ropeson ending this journal with sun glasses and walking off like micheal jordon.