Western Europe

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Frances' Government

Since the revolution of 1789, France has extremely uniform in centralized, administration changed in 2003 the counties is govern under 1958 continuation which established the fifth french republic, which haves a president.

France's Economy

France is one of the few countries of Western Europe.The capital of France is Paris and their major languages is French, but they also speak Alsatian, Flemish, Celtic, Breton, and Catalan.The population of France is 60,656,000 people.

Landmarks of France

France has allot of breath taking landmarks, Three of these landmarks are Arc DE Triomphe, Chateau DE Chambord, and the Eiffel Tower.

Frances' Climate

France has mild temperatures it also has a mix of rainfall and sunshine. It is cooler and wet in the north, and in the west it is warmer and drier.

Frances' Culture

France has a unique culture, for example France has a very well known variety of food like the Roquefort, a very famous cheese, the chocolate eclair, a well known pastry, and the croissant, a very well known food from France.France also has different type of clothing France dresses in layers as their clothing. also if you wear shorts they will know you are a non-local so they are rarely seen.France also liking of music like the nouvelle chanson,jazz,pop,rock,and even heavy metal.

Interesting facts about France

In France, 70% of music must be by French artist on the radio between 8am and 8pm.Frances motive transportation include railways,trains,cars,air and sea transport.Frances' flag represent the traditional colors of Paris which was used on the city's coat of arms,the blue identify the saint martin and the red was saint denis

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