My Digital Presence

Internet is a good as long as you use it and not abuse it.

Digital Life!

When I was born I had access to internet because of the x ray that my mom had when she knew she was expecting and when I was born the 'good news' was all over, people skyping , sending messages, calling my parents and congratulating them. The next foot print that was left was when my father send my pictures to others in my family. As I grew older and older I got more a wear of the internet because at the age of seven I had a Facebook account and I used to post picture and text my friends. After a year I got my Gmail account and I stared gaming with my friends. After 3 years when, I came to Canada I got my own Skype account which I use everyday to stay connected and talk to my friends/family in Pakistan, England and Dubai. Then about 2 year ago my elder sister told me about a few social medias were she made her accounts and told me that I should do too. A few of the social that she told me about were Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, kik, Snapchat and Twitter. When I made all those accounts I got to meet new people, I got make new friend and lastly I got to experience how other live their life outside of Canada. Now as I grow up and I leave a foot print behind me and hopefully I will leave a positive foot print because one someone has to continue it...!