Scholarship Info

Apply for as many scholarships as you can! Start early because many scholarships have early deadlines. Use this as a guide/starting point but there are many more out there! Remember, these are just a few that I have come across and in no way encompasses all that is out there.

Free Scholarship Databases

Federal Financial Aid

Hispanic Scholarships

African-American Scholarships

Native American Scholarships

Asian-American Scholarships

Migrant Student Scholarships

Community Service Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships

Sports Scholarships

Also, check with your varsity coaches for athletic scholarship opportunities.

Leadership Scholarships

Faith-based Scholarships

Overcoming Adversity Scholarships

Hobbies and Interests Scholarships

Scholarship Essay and Other contests

International Scholarships

Other Programs for Youth

Community Service

Make sure that you document your community service. It should be outside family, have a brief description of activity, date and hours served, signature and phone number of witness/supervisor, and no family members may sign.

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