Comparative Poetry Analysis

Kira Bock hour3


Have you ever read a poem and had to think about what its true meaning is? When you read the poems "Sleeping in the Forest" and "Problems with Hurricanes" you will really have to sit and think about the meaning,tone,and feeling of the poem. Reading "Sleeping in the Forest" made me think of how the girls was talking and weather she was sleeping or dead.When reading "Problems with Hurricanes" you have to think of weather the tone poet uses, weather its supposed to be serious or funny.


Reading the poems "Problems with Hurricanes" and "Sleeping in the forest" has helped me find the meanings of many poems.The overall meaning of "Sleeping in the Forest" is you never know when your going to die. It could be today,next week, or in 30 years from now.The meaning of "Problems with Hurricanes" is that thing may not seem to be as they appear. The figurative language in these poems help the authors to compare different things.The form of the two poems are both free verse making them somewhat alike in structure.Also the figurative language gave many things human like characteristics which id personification.