New Consultant Training - Part 2!

everything you need to get started, all in one spot

Let's Go!

In this email you'll find lots of helpful info that will direct you to where you may want to focus your learning efforts and be key in figuring out answers to some questions that you may have!

Course 1 - Facebook Parties!

One of the best ways to get started is to set up your facebook party launch - now's the time! You don't need to have your kit and the scripts and images are all provided for you!

We have amazing facebook training set up for you on our team site. Check out the video to get started and then familiarize yourself with our rockin' party script (you just use copy and paste and look like a genius!) and images for you to enjoy.

You can run your own, you can invite me (or your sponsor, if it's not me) to the event to be a background help, or you can have me run it for you - completely up to you!

Cheering you on! --> Click here to see the training site

Creating an eshow and facebook event

Course 2 - Home Parties!

Once you have your kit, a home party launch is the perfect way to connect with friends and family who are local to you. No worries, you don't have to know a lot to have a party - let guests play with the books and fall in love for themselves, while you are there to help place orders! Feel free to really make the party your own and do a game, or share some reading statistics, or just give away something's ALL up to you!

Get started with some great ideas from the training site here.

Home Party/Show Demo

Course 3 - How To Get Parties

So, you're all ready to what?? Check out the resources for connecting with people and getting some dates on your calendar! We also have a "12 parties in 24 hours" challenge that you can run through facebook to get the word out that you'd like to spoil some hostesses with free books, in a pressure-free way (find it under the Events tab on the Dare to Dream facebook group page)!

Booking Resources on the training site are HERE.

Course 4 - Building A Team

Alright, as you are having parties and enjoying yourself, you are naturally going to attract people who see or wonder how this business could bless their lives. Then what?? No worries! Reach out to me (or your sponsor, if that's not me) and let me know so we can celebrate! Then, find resources on our training site to share, and consider inviting them to our weekly, Monday night Opportunity Events on facebook for a pressure-free Q&A format they can enjoy.

Recruiting Resources on the training site are HERE.

Course 5 - Vendor/Booth Events

Another avenue that you can pursue is to set up at a local vendor event. This can be a great way to get orders (or make direct sales once you have some inventory), get your name out there and also collect names (through a drawing) for potential party peeps or team members! There are many resources on our Dare to Dream and Books Give Joy facebook groups, so it's best just to reach out to me (or your sponsor, if it's not me) and let me know you have an opportunity to participate in one! We'll take it from there to help you out!
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Happy Learning!!

Tricia Schiltz

If we aren't connected on facebook already, click on the little "facebook" text below my name to find me so I can plug you in to our resources that are available to use as you please.

I love helping others set goals, dream big and blow past expectations, so don't hesitate to contact me and let me know what you'd like out of the biz. During the day, I also run around with a bear cub in child-form, so facebook and text are the best ways to reach me!