The 3 Little Wolves

Morgan Assa b1


We've all herd the story of the 3 little wolves how about the 3 little wolves. Once a-pon a time in a small village called K-9 city, 3 little fuzzball wolves named Frog, Dino, and Flower. They lived in a small cottage where they ate pourge day and night.

Rising Action / Wolves Point of View

Hi, I'm "the Big Bad Wolf" but the true story is there is only one pig and 3 little cute, grey wolves. We were on our way to Grandpas house when a big bad pig popped out of no ware and I said hi bacon bag so he started to ambush me Dino ,and Flower.

Rising action / Pigs Point Of View

Yes I have anger issues so what no need to call me fat bacon so I ambushed him. SO WHAT ! It's not my problem that I'm awesome and pink and have a curly tail. SO WHAT!

Rising Action / Woodsmans Point of View

I was just walking when I herd that sassy Frog the wolf talking to the sack of bacon of a pig and man oh man was he angry so I ran.

Rising action / True Story

Dino, Flower, and Frog were walking to grandpas house when an angry pig became angryer when Frog said hi I loved the bacon in my pourge this mourning and Mr. Pig thought that was an insult so he ambushed the 3 little wolves. The woodsman was at his barn building a rocketship so he went to go show the wolves when the pig came for him to. He dropped the rocket and ran.

Climax / True Story

The smart wolf Flower ran in the rocket the pig chased her once he was in she ran out and locked the door and pressed the red button and bye bye piggy.

Falling Action / True Story

The rocket was supposed to go to the moon but instade it went to the sun and cooked Mr.Pig into ham and bacon for real and it fell back to K-9 city.

Resolution / True Story

To celabrate the entire city had a huge party and feist to celabrate Mr.Pigs dissaperence and everyone lived happily ever after.