5th Grade Cadet Band News

Sept. 19-23, 2016

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I will be using Remind.com to notify parents through a one-way text service about important events such as concerts and also to cancel (if needed) morning band rehearsals for the 5th Grade Band. This service is free and is a great tool. Please consider signing up!

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This week in the 5th Grade Cadet Band:

Monday, September 19 - Oakview 5th Grade Percussion Sectional

7:00am - First morning band rehearsal for the 5th grade band at Liberty

11:00 - Oakview 5th Grade Percussion Sectional

Tuesday, September 20

Wednesday, September 21 - Oakview 5th Grade Woodwind and Brass Sectionals

8:55 - Flute and Oboe

9:25 - Trumpet

10:30 - Clarinet

11:00 - Saxophone

12:30 - French Horn

1:00 - Trombone and Baritone

Thursday, September 22

7:00am - 5th Grade Morning Band at Liberty

Friday, September 23 - Ridge 5th Grade Band Sectionals

8:55 - Flute

9:25 - Oboe/Clarinet

9:55 - Saxophone

10:25 - trumpet and french horn

10:55 - trombone and baritone

11:25 - tuba

12:50 - percussion

Don't forget - Morning Band Starts on Monday, September 19!

I am greatly looking forward to our first morning band rehearsal on Monday, September 19.

I have attached some important drop off instructions to keep everyone safe in the parking lot. Please read these carefully and contact me if you have any questions.

Due to the large number of people arriving at Liberty around the same time, please follow the guidelines in the attachment in order to have a safe morning band drop off. Thank you in advance for being patient and extra careful in the parking lot!

What to practice for 5th Grade Cadet Band?

All band students should review all the exercises on pages 6 and 7 in preparation for our first morning band rehearsal on Monday, September 19! I can't wait to hear us all play together for the first time!