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Use of Natural Food Colors - Essential for Good Foods

The trend of using colors and dyes in various products is a common practice in multiple industries. You can find added colors and pigments even in foods and other products that people use directly on their skin. However, with the advent of the modern technologies, the use of Food Color and other types of colors becomes much more organized and advanced. Nowadays, there are Synthetic Food Color and Blended Food Color that are used in many food items to make them look good. They are not harmful and can be consumed without any worry.

Dyes and Pigments Manufacturer

Unilex Colours & Chemicals Ltd. is a bright name in the industry of Dyes and Pigments. We have been doing business since 1993. We have achieved a significant position in the global market of color business within this period. We invest a crucial amount of money and time in research and development process so that we can render our clients with the best products including Natural food color and Lake Food Color that have the touch of customization as well as high technicalities.

Products for Multiple Industries

There are various industries where you can find us as the leading provider of Water soluble food colour, dyes, and pigments. Apart from that, there are fields like petroleum, plastics, paints and coatings, printing, soap and detergent and many others to name. Unilex Colours & Chemicals Ltd. manufactures dyes and colors for all these industries and offers them the highest quality Food dye at a competitive price.

Different Types Dyes and Pigments

The company applies all the advanced equipment and strategies to prepare the dyes and Lake pigment that can suit various products like food, plastic, printed items, and soaps. The clients can get items like alpha phthalocyanine pigment, pigment powder, phthalocyanine pigment, color pigment powder, etc. the food colors and pigments we produce are completely safe for your foods. You can use them for homemade cakes, cookies and other food items as per your wish.

The Benefits of Using Natural Food Colors

If you wish to use food colors for your food items, then you should be aware of the benefits that you can obtain from Natural food colour before you start using them.

  • If you use natural food colors, then you are actually using some natural objects like turmeric, carrot, spirulina, blueberry and many more others to add color to your foods.
  • When you use these types of food colors, then you are adding the vitamins, protein and minerals of these items in your food.
  • They will increase the nutritional properties of your food in a natural process. On the other hand, the use of artificial Food colour can cause some health issues.

Before you choose the right food color for your items, you should have knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of these items.

Artificial Vs. Natural Food Colors

When you compare the natural Food colorant with artificial colors then you can see that both these items have some pros and cons. Artificial food dyes may have some health issues, but they are not fatal. On the other hand, the natural products can cause problems too if you use them in excessive amount.