Bitcoin Revolution Review 2020

bitcoin revolution review

Bitcoin Revolution - Test and Experience

What is said about Bitcoin Revolution is correct: it is one of the best auto-trading platforms on the market. However, our research shows that there are still many people who don't know the features of Bitcoin Revolution and why it is such a functional trading robot. This is why my team decided to come up with a full review on the Bitcoin Revolution auto-trading platform.

The tests on Bitcoin Revolution are among the simplest ever performed on an auto-trading platform. Everything about this platform is absolutely perfect, if we are allowed to use this term. It is a very simple system to use and, for this, many people require a trading platform that actually does all the work and earns money in their place every day.

Conclusion: fantastic software for both beginners and professionals.

In this case, we started with a plan to test all the features of Bitcoin Revolution. My team is made up of cryptocurrency traders, software engineers and financial analysts. Before starting the project, we developed a plan, compiled a list of all the features of Bitcoin Revolution and studied all the information reported by current users to know what they think about it and if there are specific features to focus on. during our analysis of the Bitcoin Revolution auto-trading platform.

In the end, we had a draft. Our review will deal with all the essential features of the auto-trading platform and how investors can get started by opening a new account and making a payment to use the live trading feature.

We were looking forward to watching the robot work during a trading session. We needed to know what made the robot so efficient. Keep reading this review to find out all about the Bitcoin Revolution auto-trading platform.

bitcoin revolution review

Is Bitcoin Revolution legal? Yup!

My team was able to confirm the authenticity of the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform. First of all, we wanted to understand if the brand was registered and authorized. Subsequently, we performed a series of software tests that aimed to determine the potential of investors so that they could obtain the desired benefits following an investment. Here is a presentation of our results following the Bitcoin Revolution tests thanks to our best analysis tools;

  • Authenticity: 98%
  • Accomodation: 97%
  • Ease of use: 98%
  • Customer service: 94%
  • Online security: 99%

On average, we were able to confirm that Bitcoin Revolution's success rate is 97%. It is a truly impressive result, only a few auto-trading platforms get that score. We are very satisfied and more convinced than ever in recommending Bitcoin Revolution to a wider audience and to all those looking for a way to increase their long-term passive income. We invite you to read our review on the best bitcoin robots of 2019.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a platform for cryptocurrency trading. It is an automatic platform that uses a sophisticated AI to detect the best selling prices of cryptocurrencies. Trading robots find the best solutions for investors and trade in their place. Investors earn profit when the price of cryptocurrencies rises. We are interested in auto-trading robots such as Bitcoin Revolution, as they offer all users the opportunity to earn money on the cryptocurrency market without having to learn manual trading. Trading robots do all the work on behalf of the investor.

We were impressed with the trading system used by Bitcoin Revolution; it is very simple and accessible for everyone through a smartphone or computer. All an investor needs is to create an account and log in when they want to start the trading session.

During this test, we found that the developers made sure that the auto-trading system guarantees a certain profit every day. In addition, they reduced the minimum investment amount to $ 250 so that everyone could earn money with Bitcoin Revolution.

How Bitcoin Revolution Works?

We still could not believe it, Our tests on Bitcoin Revolution indicated a success rate of 97%, which means that every investor can get profit on every transaction. Trading robots are extremely accurate and allow you to significantly increase user revenue.

The auto-trading system on Bitcoin Revolution works thanks to robots equipped with a sophisticated AI. The intelligent algorithm allows robots to manage a huge amount of data in a few seconds. This is one of the characteristics that influence the success rate. The cryptocurrency market is quite unpredictable. If traders are not fast enough, they risk losing excellent deals. We discovered that with Bitcoin Revolution it is possible to make very fast transactions, thanks to the extremely advanced programming language that the developers have used for the trading system.

All investors, thanks to Bitcoin Revolution, have the opportunity to earn significant sums by using the auto-trading system as a source of passive income. We have read numerous reviews in this regard, which have been posted by traders who have successfully used Bitcoin Revolution and earned a lot of money. Others, however, became economically independent in a few days. However, it must be considered that the greater the amount invested, the greater the profits.

We specifically slowed down our testing processes, as my team only wanted to get accurate results to make sure that our readers could receive accurate information and get rich thanks to investments in Bitcoin Revolution.

Our team have been intensively searching for the best crypto robots. You can read about our experience while testing some other crypto robots like Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Evolution

bitcoin revolution review

The results of our tests on Bitcoin Revolution

We have managed to personally obtain the results listed below regarding the Bitcoin Revolution cryptocurrency auto-trading platform. First of all, we opened a new account through a very simple process. Afterwards, we made a deposit and used the live trading functionality and this is what we got:

Authenticity - 98%

Bitcoin Revolution is a totally legal and authorized cryptocurrency auto-trading platform. We can absolutely recommend it to our readers and anyone who needs to become economically independent. The platform works with the best online systems and tools to keep users' data and money safe. We also tested the withdrawal system and our funds were deposited into our bank account without delay. These characteristics are typical of an excellent auto-trading platform.

Accomodation - 97%

As we mentioned earlier, the cryptocurrency market is very unstable. It is essential that trading robots make quick and accurate decisions and seize the best opportunities. This is why it is important to use very responsive trading platforms. We can therefore say that Bitcoin Revolution is excellent and should be the first choice of any investor.

Ease of use - 98%

The first thing to know about auto-trading robots like Bitcoin Revolution is that investors don't need to learn how to use the system before they can use it. The best cryptocurrency trading software has a very simple to use interface that everyone can understand. This is one of the characteristics of Bitcoin Revolution.

Customer service - 94%

We tested the Bitcoin Revolution platform after reading a number of positive reviews online. Bitcoin Revolution is available to all investors in over 130 countries around the world. Therefore it is important that customer service works 100%. We ran a test, my team contacted customer service, asking for random requests and questions. The result was exceptional! The customer service was extremely quick and the whole team seemed to know every aspect of the platform perfectly.

Online security - 99%

We can say that Bitcoin Revolution is 100% protected from any type of online threat. The software engineers on my team made it totally safe; we checked the licenses and found that it is protected in real time. We are very pleased with this, as security cannot be compromised in any way.

How to create a Bitcoin Revolution account

We have seen that it is extremely simple to create a Bitcoin Revolution account, with which we were then able to perform our trading operations. Here are the various steps we have performed:

STEP ONE: Registration

We first opened the Bitcoin Revolution home page and downloaded the online registration form to fill out. It was extremely simple; we just had to enter your name, password, email and phone number. The account verification process was very quick and we were able to make our payment.

STEP TWO: Make the payment

We have observed that there are different payment methods, which seems like an excellent idea, as many more users around the world can use the platform, regardless of where they come from. To carry out our tests, we made an investment of $ 250 and used a MasterCard account.

STEP THREE: Demo and live trading

Bitcoin Revolution also has a demo function. It is a realistic simulation of the trading functionality without the use of real money. The demo mode can be used by new users who need to study the system before investing real money.

This function can be activated with a click. We set a loss limit before activating the live feature. The first live trading session was excellent. Trading robots work perfectly and we made some profit. My team even experienced 3 more live sessions. All the time we have made a profit and had an excellent experience.

bitcoin revolution review

Is Bitcoin Revolution legal or scam? Our conclusions!

We have tested all the functions of Bitcoin Revolution and we can confirm that the auto-trading platform is one of the best that exists. It is legal and safe for any investor who needs to earn passive income and economic stability.

We can also confirm that all Bitcoin Revolution features are flawless. We have made a profit and successfully withdrawn our funds. It is also one of the best auto-trading platforms used to invest with cryptocurrencies.


Is Bitcoin Revolution reliable?
Yes, we can confirm that Bitcoin Revolution is legal and can be considered an excellent source of passive revenue.

How best to start using Bitcoin Revolution?

The developers have facilitated the use of the platform for all investors who want to start making money with Bitcoin Revolution, starting from a minimum amount of $ 250. However, all other features of the platform are free, such as activating a new account, depositing funds or withdrawing.

Can Bitcoin Revolution be used every day?

Yes, depending on your schedule, you can start trading at any time of the day. The best time to earn may depend on the market trend. However, trading robots can collect market data to find the best opportunities.

Is the withdrawal system reliable?

Yes, it is reliable and it is one of the best. We were impressed when we realized that the withdrawal processes are completed in less than 24 hours.