Superstar Snapshots

October 2019

Are You Making a Difference?

It was the end of summer before my kindergarten year. My family had just moved to Ft. Polk in Leesville, Louisiana. My dad was in the military and was at work on the base. My mom

was at home with the kids. We had just eaten lunch and laid down for a nap so my mom could unpack some boxes. All of a sudden, an explosive sound came from within our house. It literally tore our house in half with a wall of fire separating my sister and me from my mom and brother. Somehow we managed to get out, but we lost everything including a couple of pets and our vehicle. We were left with nothing. If it wasn’t for the kindness of complete strangers, my family would not have survived those first few weeks after the fire.

I was reading the newspaper over the weekend and saw that the Annual Make a Difference Day is coming up on October 26. It got me to thinking about quite a few things. I wonder what

would have happened if those people had not come to our aid? Why did they decide to get involved and help? What did they stand to gain? I think they got involved because of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would want done to you. It also made me think about our community. I wonder what Longview would look like if people strived each day to make a difference, no matter how great or how small?

In the weeks that remain in October, I would like to challenge others to Make a Difference.

There will be no contest, no recognition; just the knowledge that you have helped your fellow man. And who knows? Maybe your small gesture of kindness and goodwill will create a domino effect of other people striving to make a difference.

One way that our Superstar Family can Make a Difference is to participate in Unity Day on October 23. We are asking each Superstar to wear orange so that, together, we can stand against bullying. Let's flood our hallways with orange!

I look forward to hearing and seeing what happens in our small part of the world as we Make a Difference.

~Stephanie Teel

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PTO News

Are you looking for ways to support our St. Helens Superstars? You can:

  • Attend PTO meetings. October's meeting is October 17 at 3:15 in Room 107.
  • Buy After School Goodies every Friday for $1.00.
  • Fill out a CHAMPS form to be a school volunteer!
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Counselor's Corner

Hello Superstar Families! I hope that the transition back to school has gone well and you are off to positive start to the year. During the month of October we are focusing on showing kindness to others. Specifically, we will participating in the 21 Day Kindness Challenge.

This program is “…a proactive response to bullying that emphasizes positive interactions occurring on campus. As a result, attention is taken away from bullying behaviors and negative interactions.” Specifically we will be encouraging each student to perform 5 acts of kindness for every day in October. Our hope is that this will increase the sense of community and help our students feel that “We are all in this together”. Whether it is opening a door for someone, saying thank you or another kind act please join us in instilling this important virtue in our students.

I Love You Rituals - Your Guide For Meaningful Connections

Calling All Veterans

Our Veteran's Day Assembly is scheduled for Friday, November 8, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. If there is a Superstar that has retired or active military family, we would love the opportunity to honor them and their service. Please:

  1. Send a copy of a picture with name and years of service to school with your Superstar. All pictures will be displayed at our Veteran's Day Assembly.
  2. If there is a Veteran that would like to attend our assembly, please call the school and let us know. There will be a seat of honor waiting for each of special guests!
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For Your Information

During the month of October and first part of November, there are some changes to the regular school schedule.

  • October 11: No School for State Inservice Day
  • October 30: Early Release at 12:00 for Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 31: No School for Parent Teacher Conferences
  • November 1: No School for Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are October 30 - November 1. More information will be sent home later in the month.

Please make sure your child is at school every day, on time. Excessive absences or tardies (getting to school late or picked up early) will initiate the truancy process.