Michelle Carroll

Masters in Business and Education

A little bit about me...

Hello my name is Michelle Carroll and to tell you a little about myself, I received my undergrad in Human Service & Management which is a field I have worked in for over 10 years. I further obtained my Masters in Organizational Development from Ashford, then went back to get my second Masters in Education High Learning and Technology. I have three more classes before completing this Masters. I am very excited as it will free up a lot of time but when I look back it was time wll spent. I also own 2 Human Service agencies and this is where my degrees come into play. I also do subcontract training for Human Service agencies and truly enjoy the effects training has on others because you are able to see growth and development. I have a 15 year old daughter that brings me so much joy. When I have free time I am often spending as much of my time with her, so that I can ensure I am not to busy missing life with her. As I gained my education things balanced out and allowed me to have the time to be a mother, daughter, wife, business owner and everything else I could be to others. I look forward to becoming a mentor and help others progress towards their dreams.