First Grade Newsletter

March 19, 2015

Upcoming Events

March 17th: Open House from 6-7

March 27th: Kindergarten Round-Up (9-11am, 1-3pm)

April 3rd- Student and Staff Holiday

April 6th- Snow make-up day. NO Student Holiday

April 13th-17th: Book Fair Week

April 14th- Class pictures

April 15th- Bronco Press Due

What We're Learning

Language Arts

In Language Arts, we will practice spelling words with the r-controlled vowels: ar and or. We will also practice making inferences in stories as well as comparing and contrasting. We will soon learn about synonyms and antonyms through fun games and lessons. In writing, we will write fictional stories, expository book reviews, and fictional weather reports.


We are starting a new math unit focusing on telling time on an analog clock. Students will identify attributes such as length, capacity, and weight using non-standard units of measure.

Integrated Curriculum

We are starting a new unit on Earth Science. We will be focusing on importance of studying the Earth's surface, water and weather, and space. Our engineering unit will be on designing walls. Below is a link to a signup genius with supplies we will be needing. If you are able to please sign up to help us collect materials for this fun unit.

Principal Proclamation

Mrs. Lopez- Nathan B.

Ms. Landers- Justice B.

Mrs. Salmon- Rhea S.

Ms. Carr- Shane M.

Ms. Rosiles- Peter S.

Reading Ambassador!

The Students had a wonderful time learning about the Rough Riders and got to meet the mascot.
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Don't Forget - Bronco Press

If your child is participating in the Bronco Triathlon this year, all Bronco Press books are due April 15th.

Children did not have to participate in the science fair or Reflections to participate in Bronco Press! This is your chance to have your child write a story and have it published. Just think how much you will enjoy looking back at this adorable piece of writing one day!

Bronco Press entry forms and rules can be found on

Spring Book Fair is Coming!

SEA-riously, our Book Fair is FINtastic!

Reading books with your child can support language development and learning in many ways. Support your reader while supporting Barksdale! Mark your calendars and plan to attend this year’s Book Fair, on-line or in-person.

Sun, April 5th Online Fair Opens at

Mon, April 13th Store Opens, 7:30AM – 3:30PM w/Evening Hours Thurs, 5-7:00PM

Special activities: Dive into Reading with Dad Tues, Apr 14th 7:00AM-7:40PM

Volunteers still needed…please email

First Graders are being Engineers!

First graders being engineers by making windmills and seeing how much weight it carries. Ask your first grader what they learned this week in Science.
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