Stuff Is Us!

Great Bargains Inside!

Reality behind Stuff Is Us!

Did you know that Stuff Is Us! was created for fun? I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I had a dream about creating this toy store in the attic of a dentist's office. I had the dream twice in a row. It was like a continuing story. That's when I decided to make a fake store upstairs in my room. It's kind of like a flea market; everything is pretty cheap. Stuff Is Us! is located in a house. Please do not come by. I will not give you the address, so you can't even try!

Here are just a few of products. We have many more!

How Expensive are Stuff Is Us!'s Items?

Stuff Is Us! is a dollar store, like Terry's. We have some items above $5, especially in the jewelry section. A few handmade baby bibs are $25. We have just about everything: Baby clothes, jewelry, toys, pet items, books, and school and teaching supplies. If you need something we don't have, just tell us and we will get it for you. Stuff Is Us! relies on donations, and will except them any time. If you have something to donate to us, just bring it in to an employee. When it sells, we will give YOU the TOTAL amount paid by the customer. If you want to apply for a job here, just tell an employee that you are here for a job application and he/she will turn you over to me. All you have to do is fill out a job form and turn it in to me! Feel free to stop by any time you like!

Our Hours

Hours: Exception on School Days





SALES! Holidays only!

Thursday, Dec. 25th, 10pm

Stuff Is Us! 777 Upstairs Avenue, House, KY 40383

On any holiday, you a 40% discount on any product you buy from Stuff Is Us! Yes i do know how to calculate that. I can also calculate sales tax. If you buy a gift on Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, or Grandparents' Day, you get a 50% discount. If you buy a Christmas, Channukkah, Kwanza, or any other holiday gift, you get a 50% discount. be sure to stop buy around the holidays! Don't pay attention to the date, it's wrong.