Essential H&W Monday Meeting

For Builders and Sharers-May 16th 2016

Start with Your WHY not your What! Taken from the book Being the STARfish

Here is how the conversation might go when you start with Why:

"In everything we do at doTERRA, we believe in thinking differently. We challenge the status quo (That's the Why.) The way we do this is by making natural products that are safer, cheaper, and more effective than traditional healthcare options. (You've just explained the How). We just happen to make wellness products. Would you like to buy some, or maybe come to a class to learn more about how they can help you? (Last of all there's the What)"

Finding Your Why

As you start to share to doTERRA with others it is important that you start to define your visions.....your WHY. Page 6 of the the Launch guide has 4 questions that are a great start to finding your why.

Take time this week to think about your why. Know that your why can be fluid and will change over the course of your buisness.

Online Classes, start spreading the news

This is specifically for those who live in New Zealand, although if you live in the states and would like to try this format for out of town folks let me know. I would love to teach an online zoom class for you. It could work in 2 ways.....You could have people to your home, I could run the class via zoom, you could pass around oils to simulate a "in person" class or it could be done via Zoom with whomever wherever. I feel like sharing is more effective when people have a chance to experience the oils. You could send a sample pack ahead of time and they could experience the oils while I'm teaching online. The 101 class format is about 30 minutes....

Classes Coming Up

We are a team, please feel free to share, if you invite let me know and you will get enrollment

May 22nd 3pm-Roller Bottle Remedies

June 5th 3pm- Roller Bottle Moods/Emotions

June 9th 7pm-Roller Bottle Moods/Emotions

June 22nd-1st Zoom Class!! 9am

June 22nd- 6:30pm Roller Bottle Remedies PORTLAND

June 29th-Essential Oils 101 6:30pm Starbucks Puyallup