Friday Focus

Holy Name of Mary, February 22, 2019

It's the weekend!

Hi everyone,

We finally managed to get through a week without any major interruptions! Just two weeks to the March Break...hang in there!


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Report Cards & Interviews

Report cards will be sent home next week. Thank you so much to all of you for all the hard work you did on them. We know that it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to complete the marking, compile your grades and write meaningful feedback for each student.

Although we do not have formal interviews this week, parents can request a phone or in-person interview. Please contact the parents of any students you are concerned about to set up an interview time. It is important that we address any concerns as soon as we can.

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Care & Use of Technology

The CDSBEO is currently performing a "refresh" of all of the technology in all schools, starting in the east end of the Board and moving toward our end. The planned timeframe for this transition is from February to April. Since we are in the west end of the Board, we will likely be one of the last schools to get all new computers and iPads. Until that time, it is very important that we keep the technology that we do have in good working order.

Our bank of iPads is missing several devices, as some students have been taking out individual iPads instead of teachers booking an entire case of iPads. If you have any Red or Blue iPads in your classroom, please return them to the iPad cart in the Library on Monday. Two of the 14 iPads are completely lost, and we do not want any more of them to go missing.

The iPads will now be kept behind the librarian's desk in the library, and the only people who are allowed to take the cart are teachers or our NEW weekly Tech Experts. I have assigned a Tech Expert from our Technology Club to be responsible for delivering and collecting the iPads to each classroom each week.

The Tech Expert will:

  • Deliver the iPads to your class for the time that you booked them;
  • Ensure that all iPads are returned to the cases at the end of the period;
  • Deliver them to the next class throughout the day;
  • Return the cart to the Library at the end of the day;
  • Make sure that all of the iPads are plugged in and ready to go for the next day.

I have replaced the missing clipboard on the iPad cart. It should stay on the middle shelf, and the iPad cases should stay on the top and bottom shelves. Please book them before you need them, as early as possible. If you need to book the iPads "on the fly", you can also call me and ask for them to be delivered. I will be announcing the Tech Expert of the Week on the Monday morning announcements. Hopefully this will alleviate the issues we have been having with shared technology being missing or uncharged when you need it!

Once our new computers have been delivered, our Tech Experts will also be visiting classrooms regularly to make sure that our new technology is being kept in good repair.

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Staff Cell Phone Use

As Caroline mentioned at our last staff meeting, staff members should not be using cell phones when supervising students or when in sight of students. If there is an emergency that requires that you use your phone, please let us know at the office. We need to be good role models, and we cannot expect students to put away their devices if we aren't doing the same.
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Pink Shirt Day & Dress Up Day

It's hard to stay motivated at this time of year, and this winter has been particularly long, cold and snowy. But the days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and we all need to have a little fun to get through the next two weeks to the March Break.

Wednesday, February 27th is Pink Shirt Day. We invite all staff and students to wear pink shirts that day to raise awareness about bullying and to promote kindness. The brighter, the better!

Friday, March 1st is Dress Up Day. This is a Board-Wide fundraiser that will raise funds for the Healthy Lunch Program at the Sandy Lake First Nation K-12 School. Students are asked to come dressed in their "Sunday Best" (Christmas outfit, dress/skirt, shirt and tie, etc.) and to bring in a toonie to help support this worthy cause. Staff members are invited to participate too! Let's have a little fun with it. Maybe you have an old prom dress, wedding dress, bridesmaid's dress, powder blue tuxedo or retro suit you'd like to dress up in? Or a tiara you've always wanted to wear? Show us your style!

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Good Stuff

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The Week Ahead

Please check our Holy Name of Mary Staff calendar for all of the latest updates on what is happening at HNOM. I sent out this short tutorial on how to access the calendar last week. As we often have last-minute changes, checking the staff calendar is the best way to get the most up-to-date information on events and absences.