Math Updates

August 2020

Welcome to Our New Teachers!

We are thrilled to have you! The beginning of this year is certainly going to be different from any other year we have experienced. We will do everything we can to ensure you are supported along the way.

New Curriculum Documents

Curriculum documents have been completed for the 2020-2021 school year. They can be found in the Digital Binder and on the Mathematics page of the CCS website.

We have packed as much as we can into one document. This includes:

  • Scope and Sequence
  • Clear Learning Target
  • ODE Instructional Supports (Grade 6, 7, 8, Algebra 1)
  • Testing information

High school courses have been broken down into semesters since the district is moving to an "X" and "Y" system of semesterization.

Wherever possible, curriculum documents tend to follow the order of the textbook. Most titles consist of two volumes. Where possible, Volume 1 will be used during first semester and Volume 2 will be used second semester.

For Algebra 1 and Algebra 1 Part 1: These courses use the same book. However, Algebra 1 Part 1 will only use Volume 1.

Special note for Precalculus: The curriculum document contains a link to download all of the McGraw-Hill reference materials without the need to go through their website.

Direct link:

Course Progression

Below is our new course progression chart. Please note the following:

  • Students can take multiple Math 4 courses (Precalculus, Financial Literacy Math, etc.).
  • Students can take CCP courses at anytime after passing a school's entrance exam.
  • Students can take more than one math class at a time if their schedule permits.
  • For the 2020-2021 school year, Geometry will be replaced by Integrated Mathematics II.
  • Some schools may double-block Algebra 1 in first semester. Geometry will be available in a double-block form for second semester.
  • Courses offered at select schools: Compacted Math 7-8, Quantitative Reasoning, Stats Through Social Justice, AP Statistics, CSCC Int Coll Bridge, IB Courses.
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Professional Development, Survey, and Support Docs

Over 250 of you attended our PD sessions on Reveal Math, ALEKS, Precalculus, Financial Literacy Math, and Number Worlds. Sessions were recorded and will be posted online as soon as we receive them.

Attendance has been recorded in PDS. It will take some time to get everyone boarded for payment. Please be patient as we go through that process.

If you attended a PD session, please fill out the survey at the link below that will help us plan follow-up sessions.

Survey link:

Below are three support documents. The first two are for the Reveal program. The third contains helpful ALEKS information.


Thanks to many, many of you for picking up materials from Southland Center. We have to minimize the amount of time we spend in the building, so all the rest of the materials will be sent to the warehouse to be distributed to schools. Watch for more information on that.


If you received an email from HMH (Your Friend in Learning), you can ignore that. While the secondary math textbook committee selected McGraw-Hill products, elementary selected HMH. Only elementary (K-5) teachers should have received this email.

Changes to the Testing Calculator

Heads up! ODE has changed the Desmos calculator used for testing. Students must enter equations already solved for either x or y. This is a big change. Students used to be able to simply solve a system of equations by typing in equations exactly as they appeared on the test. Now they must know how to rearrange the terms to solve for x or y, or be comfortable solving a system algebraically.

You can access the practice calculators on our website. The direct link is below.

CCS Math Assessment page:

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MS Accelerated Math

We are pursuing options to allow students who took Math 6 last year to take an acceleration placement test. The issue we are dealing with is how to test students when they will not be returning to school buildings in the fall. Please know that we are working on this.

We will also have to update the selection criteria for next year's possible acceleration students. MAP is being replaced by iReady and students did not get to take a Math 5 AIR test. Stay tuned.

Online Textbooks

The requirement for students to have access to 4th quarter from last year is causing errors in the daily file we send to McGraw-Hill. We hope to get this settled soon. In the meantime, please follow the directions at the link below to manually add a title to your account.

Note: You probably should refrain from creating your own materials in Reveal at this time. You might be able to copy content from a sample class into your new account when it is ready, but we cannot guarantee this. When we get everything up and running, we should be able to grant coaches/chairs admin access. This would allow them to create common assessments for their building. Stay tuned!

To manually add a course to your account, click here:

Canvas and Mastery Connect

The following information was recently shared with principals:


For the 20-21 School Year, Canvas will be available for principals to offer PD and communication. Teachers will use Canvas to access PD. We hope that this will allow them to become more comfortable with the tool prior to building courses. Students will not be taking courses in Canvas at the beginning of the year. Teachers will use Google Classroom as the instructional platform that is used to push out classes. We will continue to train the staff throughout the year as the Canvas team develops the guidelines for course development and builds course shells. High Schools will go through training first semester, Middle School second semester, and elementary spring/summer. By the beginning of the 21-22 school year, we will be ready to roll out the student courses.


MasteryConnect will be available for use during the 20-21 school year for all buildings. Building Principals will be trained during the first week of August. Instructional Coaches will also be trained during this time. Principals will be asked to identify individuals to be the leads for this work in the building and that person will also be trained.

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