Boreal Forests

By Brontë Anderson

What are Boreal Forests?

Boreal Forests are located in the northern hemisphere and comprise coniferous trees which have needles instead of leaves.


The climate of the Boreal forest is cold, with average annual temperatures from about 5 Celcuis to -5. In summer the temperature can reach about 15-20 Celsius.


Boreal forests throughout the world share many of the same species of animals and plants as Northwestern Ontario's boreal region. Animals such as the Western Roe Deer, Bison, Muskox, Mule, and Reindeer are all living in Boreal forests.

Resources for people

Trees are one of the main recourses for people in the Boreal forest. They are used for, wood, paper, and pulp.


Some of the threats to the Boreal Forests are,

Acid Rain: acid rain kills plants, affects the water, and hurt the animals in the Boreal forest.

Logging: trees are bing cut down, Mostly for the production of pulp and paper.


1. The Boreal Forest is named after Boreas, the Greek god of the North wind.

2. The biome is known as boreal in Canada, but is also known as 'taiga', which is a Russian word.

3. The boreal represents 29% of the world's forest cover.


Some of the plants in the boreal forest are the Vine Maple, the Mountain Alder, the Western Serviceberry, and the White Mountain Heather.