Clara Barton

Angles of the Battlefield

Women Joining the War

Clara Barton was known has the Angle of the Battlefield because she came up with a way women could join the war. Women could join the war by helping the wounded soldiers, to be battlefield nurses. Clara Barton went on to found the Red Cross Association to help those in need nation wide.
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Need for Nurses

During the battles of the Civil War from 1821-1912 troops were seriously injured, the angles of the battlefield were women who took out time to help to nurse the wounded back to health. Without the nurses, we would have lost a lot more men and there would have been so many more casualties. Although there were over two thousand volunteers who were willing to help the wounded, there was always room for many more and they always needed many more.
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Founding of the Red Cross

In 1869 Clara visited Europe and she was introduced with a wider field of service through the Red Cross. Clara read a book by Henry Dunant; the founder of the Red Cross. In Dunant's book it called for international agreements to protect the sick and wounded during time of warfare. Later Clara fights hard and successfully for the ratification of this treaty by the United States. Clara made a cross out of a ribbon she was wearing and fastened it on her to protect herself with the newly accepted international symbol of the Red Cross.