CMS Library News

January 19, 2016


We now have multiple Makerspaces inspired by a Digital Leadership Conference Mrs. Shoemaker and I attended in the fall. The Makerspaces are intended to inspire our students to be creative.

One space, Creations with Duct Tape, is located in the library and can be used by students with teacher permission. The other three stations are located in the back of the health room and are intended for our second load students, though teachers may also plan to use them.

Here is a description of our spaces:

1. Duct Tape (library): Student may use the book A Kid's Guide to Awesome Duct Tape Projects as a basis for creations with duct tape. We have many different colors and designs of duct tape on a shower rod in addition to yarn, cardboard, old magazines and construction paper.

2. Fishertechnik Dynamic Fun with Physics: This educational building set contains 690 pieces for building 6 roller coaster models. There are small balls that can be sent through the completed coaster with a motor powered elevator to bring them to the top.

3. Makey-Makey: This is a simple invention kit that allows students to use plugs and clips to attach items to the computer for creating music, game controllers and more.

4. Legos: We also have a giant bin of legos and baseplates for student use.

Places of the World: Did You Know?

Mozambique, a Portuguese colony until 1975, has been ravaged by civil war and corruption. As a result, it is one of the world's poorest nations, having previously been the #1 poorest nation in the world. The life expectancy in this country is 50 years. Nine-tenths of the population live in rural areas where huts held together with poles and mud are common dwellings.

In this nation, only about 20% of people have access to electricity. Yet, approximately half of the population have cell phones! People without electricity charge their cell phones at public charging stations such as the one shown below.

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