Week December 11 to 17

Make the most of your online learning experience

Work on Unit 6 lesson C

Lesson overview

  • Understand a conversation about a summer job.
  • Use expressions like What I heard was . . . to introduce ideas.
  • Use I don’t know if . . . to introduce a topic and involve the other speaker.
  • Understand an interview about a job.

Record a voice message

  • Respond to questions about job advice and record information about different job paths

Work on Unit 6 lesson D

Lesson overview

  • Understand an article about answering questions in a job interview.
  • Understand people talking about applying for a summer job.
  • Write an application letter for a job.

My blog: My ideal job

  • Write and reply to a blog about an ideal job.


  • About you: How important is a good interview?
  • Write about the importance of interviews and resumes.

Prepare to take test 6 - Checkpoint (Review, Games)

Take test 6

The review and games are a great way to get fully prepared for the test, but they are not mandatory.

We are a very interesting group of people

Remember to visit your peers blogs and leave comments to foster communication and exchange of ideas.