Please Stop Laughing at Me

Jodee Blanco


Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco is an autobiography of Jodee’s high school life. Even from her first day of school she was different, she stuck up for the underdogs. People didn’t appreciate her helping their victims and were mean to her. Jodee was physically and verbally assaulted at school everyday. When Jodee would tell her parents they would feel bad for her but also blame it on her. Eventually Jodee stopped telling her parents the awful things these kids were doing to her. In this book we follow Jodee’s rollercoaster and learn how she became stronger. In her story she quotes, “You should be so proud of yourself.”

Textual Evidence

One part that stuck out to me was on pg.78 when Jodee went to see the psychiatrist Dr.Graff and he said she was just being dramatic and told Jodee, “It seems that being the class outcast is getting you an awful lot of attention from your parents. Maybe you enjoy that.” This sticks out to me because Jodee isn’t lying when she says people are mistreating her and being mean. Her parents advice isn’t helping either. Another part that stuck out to me was when Jodee cut her face on pg.165 “I tighten my grip on the knife and begin cutting my face. I am screaming. “Mommy make it all stop.” At this point in the book it shows how far Jodee has been pushed and that she can’t take much more.

Should I Read This?

I would rate Please Stop Laughing at Me a 5 out of 5 stars. This book teaches respect and shows how cruel kids can be. It can also teach parents how to pick up the signs if their child is getting bullied. After reading this book it gave me sense to help others more and always know that other people have it worse.