John Brown

Contributions to the Civil War

Date of birth / Death -Interesting facts

  • Born on May 9,1800
  • Died on December 2, 1859
  • Him and his supporters killed 5 white men
  • 4 of his children died days apart
  • He was bankrupt at 42 and has 20 law suites filed against him.
  • Only 5 slaves were ''freed'' at Harpers Ferry.


  • Was taught to always be respectful to blacks, as his dad was a strong abolitionist
  • Had little formal education
  • Was taught to ''fear god and keep his commandments''

Life Events

  • He was a friend of a slave, and he saw how he was beaten which most likely sparked his hatred towards slave owners and slave supporters
  • Was 12 when the war of 1812 started.
  • Had 20 kids, and 9 died at a young age
  • He was hung after his raid on Harpers Ferry

Contributions to the Civil War and Accomplishments

  • He enforced the freedom of slaves (abolishing of slavery)
  • He helped slaves escaping through the underground railroad
  • During his raid he freed 5 slaves
  • Strengthened the idea of abolishing slavery